Tuesday, 26 February 2008

i feel lucky to have found U!

time flied by. i hv now worked in esprit for more than 1 month.

the name of my position is "sales consultant". but in fact, it's just about being a promoter. anyway, i do love da name. it sounds professional.

initially, it's just extremely tiring working there. during my first day there, i was feeling to resign. but i dun wanna give up. tat's a challenge i must face, battle and conquer.

eventually, i win.

i hv 2 supervisors and a store manager. they r all very nice to me. all my other colleagues r Malay, xcept my supervisors n manager.

i never noe, n never oso wanna noe y my superior treat me quite nicely. perhaps, it's bcoz they take me as young kid jus out from school. i m an innocent guy tat knows ntg abt da complex, bewildering n deceiving society.

speaking of complex society, the world has changed. n it keeps changing. there won't be a standstill. changing may be good, or bad. and the truth is, our world is steering to a bad path. esprit tagline is "the world is our culture". due to tis, ppl change wif the changing world. cheaters and crooks abound the world.

perhaps, tat's y christians believe tat there'll be doom's day. scientifically speaking, there is oso a certain extent of truth in their belief. bcoz scientists suggest "the big crush" theory, an opposite to "the big bang". in the view of newton's third law of motion, to every action, there is a reaction which is opposite in direction and same in magnitude, the big crush theory may be the reaction to the big bang.

dun be bored by wat i wrote, in science, everything can be related. physicists are now researching a formula tat includes all the physical quantities.

anyway, no matter how the world changes, i'll hold on to my principles. i would never compromise my beliefs.

back to topic, my relationship wif my colleagues is not starting well, but it's getting better. sometimes, i am bullied. but i hv learnt to avoid myself being bullied.

i m getting bored wif the same routine. but very soon, i'll resign. tat's when i got my spm results.

my salary is pretty good. my basic is 1000. and my commission is quite much, especially during chinese new year. if i started work on 1st of january, then my commission will b more than 1000. but too bad, i started on 15th jan.

i hv seen n handled many different customers, from pretty gurls to old man. some r nice, others r not. u hv to noe different ways of handling customers.

some dun wanna admit tat they r fat, some straightaway say they nid the biggest size. some r indecisive, asking u which is nicer. some like a shirt very much but said it's not nice bcoz the price is pretty nice.

there r many couples walking in to da shop, n i get to c pretty girls from the whole kl. haha........ there r many foreigners oso. some r reali mesmerizing. luckily i still dun hv girlfren. but too bad, most of them have boy frenz.

all in all, i feel very lucky to have found esprit. it's my fate to be working here. "yuan" brings me there.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Valentine's Day passed just like tat. And i didn't also celebrate it. But I find 14th Feb 2008 a very meaningful day.

Indeed, Valentine's day passed.

BUT, our love never passed.

Our love to spouse, to family, to frenz and even to the whole world never dies.

Love is inspiring. Love is influential. Love is overwhelming.Love says it all.

Fill ur every today wif L-O-V-E. Make ur every today Valentine's Day.

Love knows no boundaries. Our mother earth needs our love.

Love is not abt hugging, kissing and ...............(oops). Love is abt caring!

If there is allien, it needs love as well.

What keeps us doing the same routine each and every day? What keeps our flame burning? Think abt tat...............

It's L-O-V-E. Because love motivates, love empowers, love energises and love conquers all.

Show ur love to the whole world.


ps: if u still love the people around u, do email them this article. Copy it and paste it to ur new email message. and u'll feel L-O-V-E IS IN THE AIR!