Monday, 31 March 2008

41 words

Speed test

Yea, finally I managed to increase my speed. In my opinion, that's quite good because this all three records were made today, in less than 10 hours. Haha........... Try to see what your highest speed is.

Record broken -thanks to my will

40 words


Hey, dude! I just broke my record. See? That's the miracle that a strong will power can do for you.

Where there's a will, there's a way. I always believe in this.

Philosophy out of a speed test

38 words


This is my speed. I know this is not very high. I'll try to beat the record. If I were to be satisfied with this record, I would never ever make an attempt of outdoing myself. And there will never ever be a breakthrough in me. That's life. That's how scientists keep on coming up with newer and more superb theories than the previous ones. That's how great inventions after inventions are created. These are all the product of mankind's dissatisfaction on their lives, brilliant ideas that are squeezed from their brains and the tremendous amount of effort that is put in. So, being satisfied is not the key to being happy and merry. But being dissatisfied to very great an extent would also land us in hell.

At the end of the day, it all depends on us to handle our dissatisfaction. It's the effort that leads to improvement, not the grumbling and moaning. Don't moan and groan upon failure, but strive towards success.

May every one of us be blessed every single moment and dreams do come true.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

These truly depict life

Sometimes, when we are walking on the road,

lightning will strike,

rain will pour,

storm will come,

and tornado may just happen.

However, if we persevere through the lightning, rain, storm and tornado, eventually we will be seeing the rainbow.

After all, every winter is followed by spring:


Friday, 14 March 2008

It's actually the road to somewhere

SPM results are finally out!

Most of us think,"we have stepped onto a seemingly endless road."

It's a road to nowhere, we think.

Yet, we have steered our ship into the correct path. We are heading towards the right way. And this ship will reach its dream port one day.

Yes, it's just a matter of time.

It doesn't matter whether you are racing, running, jogging, walking, pacing or crawling. What matters most is that you need to keep moving forward. It's the perseverance that counts.

It's a crucial time now. Do not stop in the middle of the journey. But do enjoy a pause in your journey, as the moment of pause is a time to multiply the elastic potential energy in you, converting it altogether to kinetic energy once you resume from the pause.

Sit back, relax, take a deep breath and breathe it out slowly. Clear your tangled, bewildered and messy thought and ponder.

There is some blessings out of every adversity and obstacle that lies ahead the road. Bridge the blocking rocks on the road, get up upon every tripping and go on. Overcome the obstacles in your life, get up upon every fall and carry on.

The blessing is just in front.

The end is just not far.

In fact, it's road to somewhere.

There is always light at the very end of a tunnel.


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I resign, but not quit nor give up

The title tells it all>>> I have resigned.

Last Sunday, 10th mar, is the last day of my work in Esprit. The reason I resign is because I need time to resume my driving lessons, search some info online and also, do some studying before going for my further studies.

Honestly, I did feel a bit sad and relaxed at the same time when I stepped out of Esprit shop.

Tingle of sadness cropped up because I am leaving a group of new-found friends, in this case, i mean my colleagues.

Feeling of relief came to me due to several reasons.

Mainly, it has to do with the daily difficult customers that I had to handle. In fact, there was once a customer who really pushed me to the verge of tears. But I held back my overwhelmed emotions.

It's from that point that I realised some sort of fact>>> working is difficult.

I have actually come to terms with that truth. I know very well that school life is a sheltered life, a whole different world with working fantasy. It's just that I had never faced such difficult situation.

Yet, this would be a great experience for me , and my soul.

I believe that our souls run a system like our body immune system. Once it got "attacked", it heals and gets immune.

When I again stepped into the working world, I would be less susceptible to difficulties and tears.

Another thing to say is, I am grateful that I realise the fact that working is difficult at an early stage. I am mentally, spiritually and physically well-prepared with the challenges I gonna take upon. And this makes working seems much easier for me.

Let me take an example. Isn't it better for a patient to detect that he/she is HIV positive at an earlier stage? This prepares him/her better to fight against the virus and gives him/her higher chance to win the battle.

So, let's agree and accept some unchangeable realities in this world. I would say one of them is the truth that "Life is difficult".

In short, I have resigned, but I would not say
"I quit" or
"I give up"

That's just a matter of words choices. Yes, but the slight difference could have big impacts on the way you see things and the way things turn out.

Ponder about that. What I wrote might be true, or not. It depends on you. Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, truth sometimes has to lie on the mind of the thinker.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

They are owayz rite? Not really!

Having been as a "sales consultant" in esprit, I have met many different customers.

As I mentioned in my blog before, the customers range from old men to pretty girls, fat women to skinny young men.

situation #1
Can u get me a medium for this?
Sure, just wait a moment.

Then, I went to the store and checked for the stock..... after a long search, i found tat it's sold out.

So, i went out, planning to tell him the truth.
But then, he was gone.

I supposed that's because he didn't wanna wait. Hey! Do u think i am a computer? i sure nid time to check our stock, okey?! Even computer takes some time to load a webpage.

So, are they always right?

Situation #2
Give me an XL
hmm..... it's not suitable for me.......(she meant not big enuf)
err..... then mayb u can have a look at this. The cutting of this shirt is bigger.

then, another girl beside her said:
ei, leng zai, u shud not say cutting is bigger...... u shud say cutting is more suitable.
"omg, zadao"

haiz, i thought, i am just telling the truth. come on! face it. the truth is, you are FAT!

situation #3
this is a very common situation that happens during peak period, for example, when cny is coming.
i was busy serving a few customers.....
then some other customers still approached me and ask me things about the price. some oso asked me to take the size for them.

haiz, i was already so busy. can't you see that? can't you ask somebody else?

actually, you can ask me. but, the thing is, can you wait until i finished serving my customers on hand? can you not show a face of dislike if i ask you to wait?


these are the three situations. fortunately, now that cny passed, i feel more relaxed and free. but sometimes i feel very bored.

i also used to think that customers are always right. after all, it's customers who pay. it's customers who make your profit. it's customers who make you, or break you.

however, now that i experienced handling some difficult customers, i know that is not totally true.

customers and we are no different. we are all humans. they have the money, i know. they pay my salary, i know. but then, i have gone all out to serve them, smile at them and treat them well.

the truth is, money isn't everything.

no matter wat, i 'll take tat as a challenge.
no matter how the wind howls, the waves strike and the rain pours, i'll dare the storms, storm the challenge and challenge my limit. eventually, i'll win.

this will be a very very invaluable experience for me. thanx to the customers.

yes, at times in life, we should cast our thanks to those who have tortured us before, because that is what makes us a better person.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Inspiring 29th feb

whoa..... a special day jus passed.

29th feb.

it jus happens once every four years.....many take it as a very special, unique day.

i have a fren (currently in 4k smk kepong baru) whose birthday falls on 29th feb.
to her, happy birthday!

my manager jokingly told us:
whose birthday is on 29th feb, i'll give him/her off day......

c? vid......

vid=very important day

anyway, i find 29th feb quite inspiring.........

29th feb seems special, but it is just another day.
29th feb seems unique, but it has just 24 hrs.
29th feb seems important, but it is just the day wif same old routine.

so wat's special, unique n important about 29th feb?

in fact, every yesterday, today and tomoro is a special, unique n important day.
once today (1st mar 2008) passed, can we retrieve another 1st march 2008?

pay xtra attention not on 29th feb, but on every single day.

if u change ur perception, ur every today will be as special, unique n important as 29th feb.

if u fill ur heart wif love, ur every today will be as romantic n special as 14th feb.

wat lies ahead is not the day itself, but the effort we put in and the results tat cum out....