Saturday, 1 March 2008

Inspiring 29th feb

whoa..... a special day jus passed.

29th feb.

it jus happens once every four years.....many take it as a very special, unique day.

i have a fren (currently in 4k smk kepong baru) whose birthday falls on 29th feb.
to her, happy birthday!

my manager jokingly told us:
whose birthday is on 29th feb, i'll give him/her off day......

c? vid......

vid=very important day

anyway, i find 29th feb quite inspiring.........

29th feb seems special, but it is just another day.
29th feb seems unique, but it has just 24 hrs.
29th feb seems important, but it is just the day wif same old routine.

so wat's special, unique n important about 29th feb?

in fact, every yesterday, today and tomoro is a special, unique n important day.
once today (1st mar 2008) passed, can we retrieve another 1st march 2008?

pay xtra attention not on 29th feb, but on every single day.

if u change ur perception, ur every today will be as special, unique n important as 29th feb.

if u fill ur heart wif love, ur every today will be as romantic n special as 14th feb.

wat lies ahead is not the day itself, but the effort we put in and the results tat cum out....

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