Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I resign, but not quit nor give up

The title tells it all>>> I have resigned.

Last Sunday, 10th mar, is the last day of my work in Esprit. The reason I resign is because I need time to resume my driving lessons, search some info online and also, do some studying before going for my further studies.

Honestly, I did feel a bit sad and relaxed at the same time when I stepped out of Esprit shop.

Tingle of sadness cropped up because I am leaving a group of new-found friends, in this case, i mean my colleagues.

Feeling of relief came to me due to several reasons.

Mainly, it has to do with the daily difficult customers that I had to handle. In fact, there was once a customer who really pushed me to the verge of tears. But I held back my overwhelmed emotions.

It's from that point that I realised some sort of fact>>> working is difficult.

I have actually come to terms with that truth. I know very well that school life is a sheltered life, a whole different world with working fantasy. It's just that I had never faced such difficult situation.

Yet, this would be a great experience for me , and my soul.

I believe that our souls run a system like our body immune system. Once it got "attacked", it heals and gets immune.

When I again stepped into the working world, I would be less susceptible to difficulties and tears.

Another thing to say is, I am grateful that I realise the fact that working is difficult at an early stage. I am mentally, spiritually and physically well-prepared with the challenges I gonna take upon. And this makes working seems much easier for me.

Let me take an example. Isn't it better for a patient to detect that he/she is HIV positive at an earlier stage? This prepares him/her better to fight against the virus and gives him/her higher chance to win the battle.

So, let's agree and accept some unchangeable realities in this world. I would say one of them is the truth that "Life is difficult".

In short, I have resigned, but I would not say
"I quit" or
"I give up"

That's just a matter of words choices. Yes, but the slight difference could have big impacts on the way you see things and the way things turn out.

Ponder about that. What I wrote might be true, or not. It depends on you. Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, truth sometimes has to lie on the mind of the thinker.

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