Monday, 14 January 2008


Today is my birthday!
Thanx to all who wished me happy birthday!!

Tomoro is my first day working in Mid Valley Esprit!
A new life is awaiting me!
I am glad and excited! LOL!

True beauty belongs to those brave enough to dream.
Dreams create possibilities and miracles.
Dreams is our driving force.
Dreamers are beautiful.

Ps: Hope our dreams come true! good luck to u n me!

13 jan- my thought changed

all this while... i had been thinking of being a doctor.....

but it's after this tat i changed my perception.

i found tat being a doctor cant reli giv me da space n room i nid to do research.... in fact, i m interested in doing research on the medical side, perhaps, finding vaccines and cures for diseases...... wow, how great if i did it.

i found tat studying bio-medical science enables me to do tat, but a bio-medical science grad cant treat ppl, he can oni do research.....

i wanna treat sick ppl at the same wat shud i study?

but, i think i'll study medicine if given a choice, coz if u r outstanding and have brilliant ideas, watever u study can lead u to doing research and development.

my point is: b4 this, i was very overwhelmed wif being a medical doctor, but now, i hv opened more of my doors and windows. i m seeing light and sparkling star at nite.

no matter wat, i'll try my best to discover new things tat shock da bio and medical world! i'll go all out!

Ps 1: actually, da thing tat changed my thought is the 2 ppl at the star edu fair, one from IMU and the other from, i suppose u hv never heard of tis name, Nirwana college. u can visit ooi hui qin's and ng mei thin's blog for details on the edu fair. v went there together wif some other frenz.

Ps 2: i nw hv an answer to my question "can i see my future"(click for more info). the answer is "YES"!!

12 jan- the rocking nitezz

this is my first roking, real roking nite!

in these 18 yrs of my life, i neva had this experience.

at a place called Central Park Avenue, bside 1U, the sky rocked n shook wif blasting music.......

it's the 8tv rocking concert. kin yung n i went there....onli da 2 of us. it's kind of weird, 2 men going out.....haha

b4 the concert began, v went around the stalls...there's a carnival where the programmes hosts showed themselves 2 play wif the crowd.
dylan, the "8tv hunter" played animals guess wif us.....participants r blinfolded. they hv to guess da animls they r touching on.
gary, the famous host, played X-games. 1 group 2 ppl, 1 make movements n gestures, da other guess wat it means.
many other games............ but...........i didn't take part in. 2 bad!

8.30-it's party time!!

john was the first 2 sing.......
there was a john fans club members standing beside us...... real faithful fans!
the crowd was shouting, yelling
i dun wanna b extraordinary there...... so i joined the crowd n yelled wif them
let's get HIGH!

the hosts made the nite even HIGH-er,
"can v hear ur noise?!"
"guyz, make noise, shout ur hearts out!"
"let's party non-stop!"

WOW, the hosts r gd. it's a waste of opportunity if i dun shout out then...... shouting helps u destress!
when u r stressful, LOLX! or, SOL!

SOL=shout out loud!!

many singers took turn to perform. they're henley,meisim,desiree,orange,victor,alan n JNK. (this's a useless info if u neva watched 8tv, coz they're 8tv singers, not international singers, not very well-known.)

JNK n alan reli almost made me leave the earth's surface n leap to the highest point!

but i did not do tat, coz the crowd was not doin so!

on the concert, i came to noe this D.O.M ... desiree, orange n meisim, haha....looks like they jus formed the band! jus kidding, dey r jus kidding!

10.30-the concert ended.
abt 11-we went hom.

Ps 1: i did get high. jus high, not irrational. getting high sumtimes is not a bad ting. it helps u destress!!
Ps 2: i didn't have any cameras, i couldn't take any photos.
Ps 3: i was actually prepared to b captured by the cameraman, did u see me on screen?

Friday, 11 January 2008

the second chance works

mr yong is bad, terrible! change him....
i oso think tat he reli sucks......but i decided to give him a second chance

today(11 jan), he drove his kancil and got me to the manjalara husing area again!

well, this's my second driving lesson....i chatted wif him-my driving teacher, though i never like him. he taught me some "basic skills" which're used for instance, during traffic jam...and some more, but these r not main point!

wat's more important,

he kept pouring me cold H2O and criticising me, saying i m not good, although i dun think so!
"u ah, learn very slowly..."
"ei, ur legs got problems ah?"
"i tell u ah, other young ppl all learnt very quick, u so slow!"
"i think u need to learn 100 hrs la!"

wat the(times ten to the power of infinity)

and then, he kept xplaining things to me in his "old man language". i cant even understand him at times. so, i asked him.
"u dunno ah? very cha la u!!"
such impatient tat he is!

wat's more... he cant reli teach well. if i cant understand him well, how the hell can i learn?

he said, the chong hwa students all very slow.. hey, EXCUSE ME, THEIR BRAINS WORK MUCH MUCH FASTER THAN YOURS!! i dun think u hv da chance to step into chong hwa!

wat's more.... erm... perhaps no more, but is tat not enuf?

he reli sucks. my sis said many elderly teachers suck like he sucks. but i wont change him, i'll take tis as a challenge

i'll prove to him tat i m not slow! hey, u better look out on the road, i'll overtake u, in da future! i'll b tough!

PS: the mr yong doesn't speak english wif me, not even broken english. i dun think he can speak so. ng mei thin oso had the same fate as me...haha. to view her "terrible start" blog, pls click here.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

One of my frenz said this is damn yeng:

Honda NSX

But I think these are much yeng-er:

Ferrari Enzo


What do u think?

KB changed.....

KB’s system has changed!

A demerit system has been introduced..... dunno whose idea it was but it’s definitely silly!!

Every student is given 100 marks.... and the marks will be deducted for each kesalahan..... if u ponteng, marks deducted, if u r lewat, marks deducted.....this even “ngong gui”(kanto), marks oso get deducted if u mengantuk...... wat de......

On every Wednesday, all students hv 2 wear badan beruniform punya uniform to school. So, on every wed, u’ll c very “colorful” students at the assembly ground. Is this conducive for learning? Then..... the elder teachers will hv headache looking at those different uniforms in class.

Tat day, I chatted wif my fren......
“u can xpress ur dissatisfaction to the skol via peti cadangan”
“will they listen?”
“peti cadangan is jus a tool used to convince the students tat the school is democratic and open-minded”
“jus like our country, the general election is used to convince the ppl tat the country is democratic. But in fact, is tat true?”

I was surprised at wat he said. Ya, he’s rite... Will mr ong listen to the voice from peti cadangan? Are our country reli practising democracy? I let u ponder those Qs.......

Anyway, I’m relieved to hv graduated from KB.... lol :) but i m worried for KB's future! or shud i say... i m worried for the future of our education system? haiz.... nes

nes= no eye see

Ps: for more information abt the school changes, please click here.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

learn driving liao

yesterday, a person from kepong driving institute called me to tell me tat my L licence was ready. so, i booked a time wif the insitute. i was reli excited... dunno how's my first time driving..... aiyo, my first time given to kepong driving institute..... reli "mm dai"(in kanto) haha.....

how would i drive? like F1 driver kimi raikkonen? him la (the handsome guy in the image) or would i drive, or crawl like snails...........?? nono, i wont de.. i used to drive very fast de when i m playing Playstation......hehe...up to 212 km/h... tat's reli fast! i like to drive the honda nsx. see the image!

then... today arrived. my lesson began at 1pm to 3pm. as i stepped in the institute, i saw a man approaching me, omg....he ah?....i tot it's she de..... aiyo....

actually nvm it's "he", but this instructor is not wat i imagined... he's quite old, i think above 50. he's not as handsome as my father. he looks quite fierce. how he looks to me doesnt matter, but the important thing is---- he must be a kind and patient person.

but i was disappointed, he is neither soft nor kind nor patient. as he was driving me to the manjalara housing area, he kept asking me Qs...and i kept saying.......... i dunno. and then, he kept saying.....u'll fail like this. omg..... did he reli hope to see me fail?? wat kind of teacher is he? damnit, shit, wat the.... suddenly all bad words popped out..... even when i tot of him nw, those words still come into my mind!!

no matter how i not shuang him, i jus couldnt shout it out..... if i told him then, he would kena me later.... it's for sure.

i jus hv to change another perception of thinking, he's old oedi mah, y still argue wif him.... we shud tolerate wif old men de....even if we're in a crowded ktm, we let our seat to the elderly.... so, i jus let him talk all lo... let him "ss" lo......hehe..XD

ss = shock sendiri

out of the 2 hrs of my lesson, i jus had abt 30 minutes time to drive the kancil.the other time was wasted by his talkings.....

actually cannot say wasted , coz i learnt sth oso.... i shud correct it "the other time was not-very-well-spent by his talkings"

when i drove, i felt quite good, quite nice, though my speed never reached up to 35km/h......haha....i was driving around housing area mah.....

he said i m slow, oh shit him again.... how can he say so.. he thought himself very geng when he first learnt driving. he's oso like wat i was at tat time....struggling to adapt to the steering. these ppl never rmb their own history de.... everyone oso faces difficulties for their watever first time, be it first time pikat perempuan, first time confessing love, first time dating or even first time kissing. haiz.... tat's m first time driving mah....

but actually, i think i drove quite smoothly, but my car "sei fo" twice when i start driving, meaning when i changed from free gear to gear one.

to all the ppl going to learn driving, actually first time driving is not so bad... it's fun and exciting if u r allowed to no fear to face ur "first time".

haha...............lolz...^_^ :) XD

can i see my future

Lately, i hear tat many frenz oledi start college.
some take a lvl, sum foundation, and sum take SAM.....

but me? wat abt me?? i keep saying i wanna b a doctor.....but so far, i haven done anything to achieve my dream...... reli, i m worried.

i heard some wanna study psychology, some actuarial science, some business, some accounting, some engineering, designing...... many oledi started their studies....

i wanna study private college, but can i afford it? so wat if i can get full scholarships for ny a lvl..... wat if i cant continue the scholarships to study my degree??

we're all victimised by the private colleges. they offer some little benefits for us first then when we take their undergraduate programmes, they will probably discontinue the scholarships....... nguess wat? IMU only offers 2 medical scholarships for each intake. do u noe how difficult it's to get tat?

many ppl asked me y i wan 2 take medicine...... and when they asked so, i got speechless.............. i m actually aware my reasons very well...... but i dare not speak up, haiz....

i wan 2 help the poor sick ppl. being a doctor has been my ambition since i was in standard 1 or 2, i suppose. it's my dream, my passion, and my everything...... i wan to help the ppl, i reli wan to study until professor lvl so tat i can do my research on medical line.

u noe wat? i v reli tot of discovering a cure for alzheimer's disease and AIDS. i even tot of joining a voluntary organisation and travel to sum african countries to help the sick ppl there.

tat's my every reason to study medicine and be a doctor. i ever tot of putting aside my love life and devoting my entire heart and soul on doing research and being a doctor. tat's naive, i guess. but, i hv such a tot jus bcoz of my passion to be a doctor.

ppl say tat when we hope sth too much, it might not become a reality. nw i m reli worried abt my future......i wan to be a doctor not bcoz i wan to earn lots of money. having a great deal of money and living a lavish life is not the main goal in my life.

all i have to do is to pray to my god....... n hopefully, my prayers will be answered. if i enter form 6, i hv to take great risk coz it's not easy to study medicine in local uni. furthermore............ haiz, jus look at my skin color......

tat's y i ask,"can i see my future?"

Sabah trip was really fun (2)

Well……… my second destination in sabah is Pulau Mabul. I believe tat many of u dunno abt the island. However, not being well-known doesn’t mean being not good. To tell u the truth, I reli enjoyed myself very much at the island. Perhaps, the nite at the island is the most enjoyable nite out of our six nites spent in sabah.

To reach pulau mabul, one has to go to semporna first. And then from there, he has to proceed to the island on kind of a speedboat. But if u wan an alternative way, u can jump into the sea and swim across to the pulau……. Or if u r rich enuf, u can jus take a plane n fly to the pulau.

For us, we took a bus to semporna. The journey was estimated to take 8 hours but surprisingly, we used only 5 hrs to reach semporna. I m not sure y this could happen, it’s simply a miracle. Mayb some “F1 driving skills” went into the bus driver and enable him to drive at such high speed……on the highways. Reli damn incredible!! Fortunately, we are still punching n kicking. The journey took place at night. N guess wat? We slept in the bus too. To be honest, spending my nite there was reli uneasy for me, coz I had the feeling of throwing up and I couldn’t sleep well, in spite of the fact tat the bus is spacious and fully air- conditioned. We being early was not a good thing coz we still had to wait until morning arrived. Transport to the pulau is not available at midnite. It’s at tis time and in this place tat I felt reli uncomfortable and sick. The sea breeze was not a good one. It carried a salty feeling. The 3 hrs seemed like a long wait for me. Haiz…….

At tat point of our trip, I was thinking of going home ASAP(as soon as possible). Fortunately, things changed and my wait was worth it. As I was on the speedboat speeding across the sea, I felt alright again and was so delighted!! Those city folks who’d never ride a speedboat b4 will ure feel wat I felt!!! It’s true, man!!

When we reached there, we’re rather disappointed by the so-called chalet we would stay in. wanna ask u a Q, hv u ever stayed in a room chalet wif no air-conds, no tv and only beds and a fan, when u r on a vacation?? Tat was hard, real hard for us to accept. I was in fact not reli bothered by the bad accommodation coz I prefer having no air-conds.

Anyway, our dissatisfaction was soon replaced by fun n laughter. We’re playing water polo in the water.
One person will hold the ball at one time. And then he has to throw it to the appointed person. It’s quite difficult to tell how it works, but in short, we reli had fun. Tat time it’s raining, and we’re not bothered at all. We didn’t care if we got sick…. I m not bothered oso, since this was my first exp playing in the rain. Hey, it’s reli my first experience le!!! First exp, u noe?? First time in life!!

But it was reli spine-chilling when we walked back. The cool wind that blew over our drenched body was making us shivering. After the play, I had a slept. Luckily, I didn’t get sick. but some1 got…… haiz….

Onr thing reli worth sharing wif u guyz is tat the workers of a restaurant jus beside our chalet had made their kind of music band and their drums are made of the plastic rubbish bin and some other materials. Their musical instrument r not very modern, but they can sing very well and they oso sang modern songs. One of them is “a better man” by Robbie Williams and some songs by linkin park….. cool man!!

At nite, after havin dinner at the restaurant mentioned jus nw, we sang to our heart’s content. It’s party time!!! We reli high “fan tian”(Chinese). Jia yieh, Nelson and I bcame the male version of SHE when we volunteered ourselves to sing first using the mike. How yip oso showed his singing kills… singing his jay chou’s songs. The band was the one who played guitar to match our songs. They dunno abt the songs, yet they’re able to play out the music to match our songs. They are reli friendly and geng!! I actually like to sing, n my fan is jay chou….oops….no I mean idol. I m not crazy abt him but if u reli wan me to list an idol, it might b jay chou. Coz he’s the singer I like and admire most. Here I wanna promote a bit la. Though he cant sing clearly, his songs are very nice to listen to. And the verse is well-written. Singing not clearly has bcum his style tat symbolizes jay chou. If u dun believe me, try listening to his songs. They r all very catchy!! I oso like jay chou himself. He’s got a unique personality…yeah, tat’s rite!!

This nite of singing and having fun is the most unforgettable time in sabah, according to many of us. Then, the next morning, we had a good swim in the sea. I dunno swimming, so I jus looked at them and saw how they enjoyed themselves. But then, their fun and their all smiles on their faces enticed me into the sea without bothering the fact tat I dunno swimming. I tried to resist the tempting sea but I finally admitted defeat. Aiyo, then the “first experience” reason came into my mind and I asked for a life vest from the ppl there. Then without thinking and calculating the probability tat I’ll get drowned, I jus “down sea”(pls translate directly). I suppose the probability for me to get drowned is very small (<0.0001) gua…., coz I was having fun and ntg bad happen at all. I even learned swimming but I still couldn’t master it. My frenz all said tat I m very scared and a bit coward….. haiz….of coz I’ll feel scared la….. I dunno swimming de le…I dun even noe balancing in the water….i noe tat I was wearing life vest…. But what if a wave striked and brought me away?? Tat’s rite, accident can happen to anyone although the probability for it to happen is very small. In fact, I was oledi very brave to “down sea”. Haha!!!

Abt 3pm, we all departed back to semporna on the speedboats. Then, we stayed 3 days 2 nites in semporna (the resort’s name is dragon inn). After tat, we continued to stay 2 days 1 nite in tawau. After tat, we flie back to KL on airasia’s plane………..

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Sabah trip was really fun (1)

Before the r-l day arrived, I was really excited and looking forward to it. I could not wait for the time to pass seconds by seconds. Finally after a long wait……………. this r-l day arrived!! Hooray!! I woke up early in the morning and went to the gathering place: school and waited for the departure of our rented, grand, air-conditioned-but-still-feel-hot bus to LCCI airport. I actually thought we were going to KLIA. But looking at this not-less-equipped-than-KLIA airport, I was able to chase that little disappointment out of my heart and soul. However, I never anticipated the following: we had to wait more than 2 hours before we could step and take a look at the airasia plane. What’s more, the airplane is definitely not as spacious as I thought. Again, this was the disappointment that I had to deal with.

As the plane was leaving off the land, I was chewing my purposely-brought-from-home sugar so that the sweetness can induce the secretion of saliva from my salivary glands. I’ve heard that swallowing saliva can prevent our ears from having the sucked feelings due to the difference in pressure when the plane is soaring up high (oops….. I am sorry if you guyz dun like biology things, hope I dun bore you, haha………… laugh out loud, plzzzzz……….) In fact, there is a reason why I make all these “sugar and saliva” preparation. See, I’ve told you, there must be wind that causes the waves, rite?? Because I had real damn tough times with my sucked ears when I took a flight to Sarawak last time when I was in standard five. I had suffered up to 6 hours of partial deafness before my ears got fully “unsucked”. I was totally not happy with that sucked ears. So I should really know the misery and suffering experienced by deaf ppl. U might say that they are used to their way of living…….but, if they ever had the chance to hear, would they let it go?? Speaking of deafness, I am now thinking of organ donation. If the people sign for the organ donation slips which allow their organs to be donated to the needy after their deaths, then I am sure more lives would be saved. And the world would be a better place to live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Action speaks louder than words, yes I know that. And I already made my promise that I will sign the organ donation slip. That’s how a not-very-rich guy can do his part to save lives, I suppose ^_^ :) wat liao, looks like this is certainly far away from my topic today…….sory…..(in fact, I already regard blog as my diary, I would write anything I think I should write)

Back to topic, I was feeling so great…… so nice…………. when the plane take me along to soar in the sky. I felt the pleasure of flying. And I made a wish that I would have a very bright and sparkling future. Just like the plane that was soaring, I hope that I will soar in my life and stand out in the world. I also made my wish to become a doctor in the future. In fact, I had mixed feelings on the plane. I felt that mankind is- in spite of being the most intelligent animal in the world- so belittled and unimportant in front of the nature. Yes, I cant deny the truth that man had made very big discoveries and invention. Isaac Newton had discovered gravity and the laws of motion, Albert Einstein had discovered the theory of relativity. But……………….. all these are just mere discoveries created by the Nature. After all, we are just some little creations of Nature. This is how I felt that day plus some of my feelings in the mean time. Believe me, this is purely my opinions and there is no any religious element in it.

Guess what now, the flight took abt 2 hours and I found my ears in normal conditions after the plane landed off. Great……. and relieved………

We arrived at kota kinabalu (KK) first. We were oledi tired and then we had to walk and walk around to look for some foods. In fact we were walking around the same place…….. dun ask me y, coz we were just following pn normah and her husband. After we checked in, we went to a place like central market. This special market sells no foods, but only souvenirs and creations. They are really expensive, I tell you. Eventually, we didn’t buy anything. There was still 1 hr to wait before we can go coz normah told us to walk around the “market” until 5.30(if not mistaken). But we ended up in a quite grand hotel to cool ourselves in the air-conditioned lobby.

We had ikan bakar and some other bakar foods as our dinner. It was rather fun, coz I had never had such dinner. This was the first day. My r-l day ended like that, cool man!!

The next day, we visited the foot of mount kinabalu and took many photograph there. As usual, the pair of u-know-who couple( both oso prefects) walked together, seemingly inseparable. Wao, so lovely, but u know, I am never jealous or envious of that. We also immersed ourselves in the hotspring which has sulphur contents. I felt just nice and warm immersing my legs into the hotsprings, but I dare not put the whole body under water, coz the hotspring water is not as clean as u think.

Finally, about 7 pm or so, we packed our things and began our journey to pulau mabul. We did not take whole luggage there but we had to pack the needed things into our snall bag packs. I was really unfortunate coz I did not know that we had to bring along a bag packs……………….. oh shit….!!!

But after all the nice sceneries of the mount kinabalu and the pleasure soaking in hotsprings and more importantly, the fun we had together, I felt not disappointed at all. All the disappointment I mentioned just now had gone, ALL GONE. Yeah!!

This was our first destination in sabah: KK. We spent only 2 days 1 nite here, nope, I mean, there.

I'll tell u more abt the following 2 destinations in sabah in another blog post. Wait for it!!

Ps: Wanna know what is r-l day?? Red letter day!!!! Haha….. be happy!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

There must be wind that causes the waves

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 TO ALL OF YOU!!!! it's a whole new year wif a whole new journey to experience!!!

i m sure there are somebody who have been very curious abt y i din update my blog, rite?? haha, i m not boasting la....... actually, 2 frenz oledi asked me tat question. as a chinese proverb goes:" there must be wind that causes the waves", so sure enuf, i had my own reason. and........ guess wat?? the reason is kind of "STUPID", tat's how i put it. my sis was afraid tat blogging would bring virus to our computer!!!! wat lao a............ cant believe she is so computer illiterate!!! i think she dunno anything abt blogging.......... and it seems tat she thought blogging can attract virus..... m i too bad??? joking at my own sis...... actually, the reason she was afraid of the so-called " blogging virus" is bcoz she was doing her coursework(she is nw in her final year and final semester in TAR college-- hehe, same as cheah wei jian's college) and she dun wan anything bad to happen to the computer, as u noe, doing coursework involves great deal of research. so, tat's y she was so afraid my blogging activity would cause the computer kena virus. looking from another perspectives of thinking, my sis is very concerned abt her studies and tis can be regarded as being responsible oso.........

think and keep thinking......... u start to agree wif wat i said?? tat's rite, actually we cannot keep using one and only way to judge people. we should think and see things from a broad angle, jus like wat miss assunta had taught us b4. let's take the example chipped glass, we cant jus keep looking at the chipped side of the glass. y dun we turn the glass around and look at the complete and not-broken side of it?? in tis way, we'll forget abt the chipped part of the glass and we'll find tat the glass is still in a complete and good condition. hv u heard abt "que xian mei"(pls translate into chinese)? we cannot jus see other ppl's drawbacks all the time and shut our eyes from looking at the nice side of ppl. every one of us has our own different, unique ability and inability. tat's wat suggested by the word "multiple intelligence". again, tis was wat taught by miss assunta. looks like assunta's influence got into me oledi. anyway, tis isnt a bad thing. miss assunta is a very good teacher, in fact!! if i was to write an essay abt a teacher who has a great influence in my life, she is certainly one in the list.

wat i m trying to tell u is: dun jus look at the weak point of ppl, try to see their nice sides. even one who had been in jail b4 has his good things tat are worth our applaud and compliment. same thing goes to my sis, she might b computer-illiterate, but she is definitely good in some other areas. she can definitely speak very good english and her spoken english is better than many graduates.

so, remember tis term:multiple intelligence, start exploring ur own intelligence and develop tat potential of yours to the maximum level!!!!!