Tuesday, 8 January 2008

can i see my future

Lately, i hear tat many frenz oledi start college.
some take a lvl, sum foundation, and sum take SAM.....

but me? wat abt me?? i keep saying i wanna b a doctor.....but so far, i haven done anything to achieve my dream...... reli, i m worried.

i heard some wanna study psychology, some actuarial science, some business, some accounting, some engineering, designing...... many oledi started their studies....

i wanna study private college, but can i afford it? so wat if i can get full scholarships for ny a lvl..... wat if i cant continue the scholarships to study my degree??

we're all victimised by the private colleges. they offer some little benefits for us first then when we take their undergraduate programmes, they will probably discontinue the scholarships....... nguess wat? IMU only offers 2 medical scholarships for each intake. do u noe how difficult it's to get tat?

many ppl asked me y i wan 2 take medicine...... and when they asked so, i got speechless.............. i m actually aware my reasons very well...... but i dare not speak up, haiz....

i wan 2 help the poor sick ppl. being a doctor has been my ambition since i was in standard 1 or 2, i suppose. it's my dream, my passion, and my everything...... i wan to help the ppl, i reli wan to study until professor lvl so tat i can do my research on medical line.

u noe wat? i v reli tot of discovering a cure for alzheimer's disease and AIDS. i even tot of joining a voluntary organisation and travel to sum african countries to help the sick ppl there.

tat's my every reason to study medicine and be a doctor. i ever tot of putting aside my love life and devoting my entire heart and soul on doing research and being a doctor. tat's naive, i guess. but, i hv such a tot jus bcoz of my passion to be a doctor.

ppl say tat when we hope sth too much, it might not become a reality. nw i m reli worried abt my future......i wan to be a doctor not bcoz i wan to earn lots of money. having a great deal of money and living a lavish life is not the main goal in my life.

all i have to do is to pray to my god....... n hopefully, my prayers will be answered. if i enter form 6, i hv to take great risk coz it's not easy to study medicine in local uni. furthermore............ haiz, jus look at my skin color......

tat's y i ask,"can i see my future?"


cheawen said...

u heard of PTPTN loan ?!
cant afford to go college ma apply this loan la .. yorh .
u can de la ... JIA YOU !!!!

whlee said...

tq tq.... but i wan to apply scholarships first... reli thanx for ur advice...haha..:)

JaMie said...

ur future is bright...since ur results are so good...u can get scholarship, perhaps JPA..i believe u can get it! ^^