Friday, 27 June 2008

Men's best friend

If you are a Hong Kong TVB drama fan, I am pretty sure you have heard of this drama entitled "Men's best friends".

The drama revolves around two dog owners both having a pet dog. After all the stumbling blocks in their way, love sparkles and blossoms between them. And the title of this drama actually means DOGS.

Dogs are men's best friends? I would say dogs are mens' best companions. Dogs never betray us, never cheat us, but they always stay beside us listening to our grumbles and voices. Mad dogs that bite the one who feed them are exceptional in this case.

When we are down and there's no one to lend us a pair of listening ears, we sometimes end up talking to our pet (dogs or cats). As an owner to two dogs, I do this, at times. Our pet occasionally seems to know that we are sad, and more often than not, they come near us, make a cheerful expression and make us smile.

You might not understand this, but it's true at certain time. See these:

I do not mean that we can't find a true friend that stays loyal and honest to us. But then, we are human, the species with the highest intelligence quotient. And this is in fact what makes us more self-centered than any, if not many other species. No matter how loyal our friends are to us, they can't be as loyal as a pet dog. Dogs, though not all, are willing to sacrifice their lives to save us from danger, such as during encounter with thieves or mad people. But how many friends on earth are willing to do so without asking for favour in return? Face the fact! The chance of finding one is virtually ZERO!

Perhaps, the one willing to take the stab for us when someone assaults us, is our spouse and family members. I think I shall treasure my family more than ever,and I am really sorry for quarelling with my parents on the other day then. I was in bad mood and under pressure.


You might agree that men's best friend/companion is dogs or cats after you see these:

P/S: The pictures are extracted from an incoming email message forwarded to me. That explains why they seem familiar to you.


Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Simply scribbling my feelings.....

We have it scientifically proven that opposite sex attractions become more prominent as we reach puberty. This is absolutely true, perhaps there is exception for those with low sex hormones concentration. lolz!!

This is a situation I have known ages ago. Many friends of mine have gone to college and got into a special relationship with the opposite gender.

As for me, I am still single, but perhaps not available so soon. I am occupied by loads of homework and the pursuit of my ambition to become a medical doctor, to get my master and even professor. My ambition is not only about treating patients in the clinic or hospital, rather, I have always wanted to join voluntary organisations to help the needy patients in countries like Africa. I always feel that material gains is not the main focus in my life. Wealth can never satisfy the needs of our souls. The spiritual satisfactions are sometimes more important than material gains. As long as we live comfortably and obtain good education, I don't mind not driving a Ferrari, not living in a bungalow, and not having abalone as weekly or even daily meals. That's my perception at the age of 18. And I certainly hope I can cling to this belief until my last breath.

On top of travelling round the world to help the needy souls, I actually want to do research work in the field of biology and medicine. Better still, I want to invent something that brings about a huge breakthrough to the medical world and win the Nobel prize. This is a dream that is not easy to come true. I sometimes doubt whether this dream is within my capabilities.

And this actually brings me to another tough question: Are there any girls on earth who can accept such a man? A man who puts so high priority on work and career.

So far, I have never seen a Malaysian win the Nobel prize (maybe there is/are such case(s), I have no idea at all). I really hope that I can make the lead and create history. But at the same time, I do not wish to sacrifice my love life.

Few days ago, we had a friend doing her presentation on whether secondary school students should fall in love and start a relationship. I think I am too occupied with my work and dreams to begin a relationship with a girl. I think I'll have to bear with this until I get into university, at least.

Love, or career? Hopefully, I can meet up my Miss Right who is willing to share my dreams.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Kem Motivasi . Teacher's Day

There had been quite some happenings since I last blogged. Memorable ones that have left footprints in my deep heart core.

During the last school holidays, to be precise, on the 6, 7 and 8th June, I took part in the kem motivasi organised by Chinese Society in collaboration with a non-profit (that's what they claimed) organisation. haha.... dunno how true it is, but frankly speaking, I really believe them lor. This is not being childish, rather, it's having strong faith that there still exist people who are willing to do something without profit in return. This world is already very materialistic and realistic. We need more of this kind of people. And guess what, I am proud to say that I am one.

Tell you what, a few classmates (Johnathan, Lai Fa, Soon Yee) and I together participated in the camp for free of charge. F.O.C! You must be curious by now. But I am going to keep your curiosity aroused for a moment. =P

The camp lasted for 3 days 2 nights. And we had so much fun in these 3 days. I was in the Confidence group (just a name, it doesn't indicate that the members are better in confidence, instead, we were somehow in contrast to what was depicted by our group name-OMG!!)

First day, the very first thing to do was to create a slogan for our group. After that came the opening ceremony which was no big different than many other camps. Perhaps, the biggest pride this kem motivasi had for its opening ceremony was being able to invite our school PIBG and Principal to speak and launch the ceremony. To our surprise, yet delight, the ceremony took less than an hour, which means that our Mr. Principal spoke not as much as we expected. What a good and relieved thing to know!

Then, we had our fun time lor. There were quite a number of games and activities going on for the 3 days. I am here just to name a few, that I especially love. (Yes, I use present tense to show that I still love these events). LOL.

One of them is the station game, which seems to be a must in every camp. But something extraordinary about this activity was that there revealed a moral value at the end of each game. For instance, the value of staying united.

A special event to remember was the talk on targets and goals by a counselor. He is currently holding the position of counseling teacher in a school. His Chinese name is ma3 jing3 hua2. When I listened to his talk, it's like..... "WOW!" There was a vast difference between his talk and the talks I have attended before. I used to be on the verge of dozing off in such talk. But he was great with his sense of humour, with which he kept us attentive. One thing different about him was that he used humour and jokes to deliver his presentation.

He said most students get very "gan3 dong4" during a talk, very "ji4 dong4" after the talk, but shows no "xing2 dong4" back at home.

Something he taught us during the talk. It's TARGET.
E-emotion control
T-take action.

During the first night, we had our happiest and most exciting moments. We usually use the word "high" to describe that. Yes, we got high. It's party time! No joke, it's true. There were singing and dancing sessions. The camp facilitators sang at the stage and we sang together as audience. It was like going for a concert. The mood, the feel was very true, but the singers were a bit......... lol (complete the sentence yourself lar!!)

As for the dancing part, we of course danced with songs accompaniment. The songs included "The Ketchup Song" and the "xi3 shua4 shua4 xi3 shua4 shua4" Chinese song. And I was so honoured to have the opportunity to dance on the stage. Just one word to describe my feeling at that moment------------INDESCRIBABLE.

The first day was mentally and physically taxing. We were really worn out at the end of the day. I was supposed to sleep very easily. But I just had difficulties sleeping as I felt cold under the fan operating at the maximum speed. Mind you, I used to sleep in my bedroom without the air-conditioner and even the fan on.

That's the end of day 1. Wow, I have written (or was it crap?) so much just to describe the first day! Do bear with me for another couple of minutes.

The event on day 2 I wish to highlight is the performance time. We had to draw a situation to be acted out. My group's situation was situation on M.U. versus Chelsea in the football final. That was quite tough, indeed. We exchanged ideas on the story line and I also took the initiate to encourage and unite my group members. It's true. I am not bluffing. And luckily, overall, our group performance was not as bad as I think it would be.

On the second day, we had an activity that turned into something sort of a forum, a debate activity. It's about love and sex. The camp facilitators acted out a couple of scenes. And at the end of each scene, we were asked to choose a stand if we were in the performers' position.

These are some of the questions directed to us:
1) If you see your friend with his/her girl/boyfriend holding hands and dating, will you have the urge to find a partner?
2) If the person you crushed on sms his/her confession of love to you, will you accept his/her as your boy/girlfriend?
3) Here comes the sex part....... If you and your "intimate" friend are in a romantic, lovely and seducing dating environment, will you succumb to sexual relationship before marriage?

Then, there goes questions 4, 5, 6......

And these are my answers to the above three questions. I think it's nothing wrong to share them with you guys. I chose YES only to question 2. :P

Then, we also had another talk by another teacher. An essence of her speech was this sentence: Men are visual animals. Analyse this by yourself!

Fast forward to day 3. After all the happy moments, it's time to say goodbye to our camp facilitators. It's so sad to leave a group of new-found friends. Yes, we regard them as friends.

I have learnt a lot throughout the camp. I have learnt to love my family as much as I can. I have learnt to work hard and sail towards my destination. We watched a slide presentation. It was about parental love, about how our parents forgive our misdoings and how we cannot forgive their misdoings in return when they grow old. I did feel a bit ashamed after watching that. And I will always remember the moral behind it and love my parents more than ever.

At the end of the camp, we shook hands with the camp facilitators before hading home. But we the students committee, still had loads of work to do. In fact, we had already helped a lot during the camp. Some of us were in charge of supervising the students during shower time, others helped with the food preparation for each and every meal the students enjoyed. In a nutshell, we helped to do some petty matters like carrying tables and chairs. We were considered "da jap" XD

And this is why we went for the camp for F.O.C. haha....

13th June 2008
Today is Teacher's Day celebration at our school level. Like every year, we watched the performances by the students. I think more often than not, it's we, the students who get entertained by these performances more than the teachers. Students' performances usually cater for students' interests. That makes sense, does it not?

Our class celebrated this day with our subject teachers. We bought a cake and took it to the staffroom and presented it to our teachers. After taking photos and giving out the cake to them, we went on to give the remaining portion to the other teachers, which were those who taught us before in Form 4 and 5.

And that's all actually.

Last but not least, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!