Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A look-back on 2008

Some people say it's good to do self-reflection, others think that looking back on those sad happenings would just trigger grief and sorrow in people.

A friend of mine wrote this to me before: Reminiscence brings about well-being. Indeed, there's some extent of truth in it. By doing mental playback, we can improve on ourselves, and be a better man.

2008 is a year I have gained many new experiences. It's the year we finally completed our secondary school life. It's the year I got my very first job.

My first job really sucked. Not many people know about it in fact, as I had just worked for less than 24 hours before I quit. I worked as a promoter for Maxis, and had to stand outside the shop, approach those passers-by and close sales. That's not suitable for me at all. And out of 10 people I approached, practically none was interested in listening to me. So, I was fed up with the job, and headed to Mid-valley and got myself a job.

So, there I was, as a 'Sales Consultant' in Esprit, Mid-Valley. My experiences working there? Click on this link: my previous blog post.

Or my experience handling different customers? Click here

Then, in March, I got my SPM results. It's a straight A's, not full 1A's though. Well, that's not really beyond my expectation. But definitely, I felt a bit disappointed. Anyway, I just gave it a try to apply the JPA scholarship. Got the interview. And while waiting for the result, I studied form 6. With the hope of getting the scholarship I was kind of having fun in form 6, and not really going all out. I really hoped to study overseas under the jpa scholarship. But it turned out a let-down to me.

Well, it looks like I am destined to do my form 6. It's a pre-u programme, yet life in form 6 is no different from secondary school life.

One big difference between Form 6 and college life is the people we meet. It's a whole new environment at college. Whereas form 6 life is considered sheltered, because we are in school, still bounded by those rules and regulations.

Then in June, I got my driving licence. I first had some difficulties driving manual car. But, after much struggle and effort, now I drive manual car and sometimes speed on the road. Well, it's not good to speed. haha... I got to start changing now.

Also in June, I joined a kem motivasi, 激励营. Wanna know the happenings in the kem? Click here.

Then, those installations of new board of committee for clubs and uniform bodies took place. I got myself a few positions in a few clubs. Speaking of clubs, our LPS will be under the kelab rakan pembaca next year. And that means LPS members will be able to get co-curriculum marks for attendance, other than the 6 bonus marks.

Fast forward to October, we had our end-of-year exam. And I was not really satisfied with the results.

In November, we went to Bukit Larut, a haunted hill as said by some people, to catch bugs for our biology project, which constitutes some marks in our STPM bio paper 3. We did catch quite some insects there. But the main outcome, I believe, is the true friendship we saw in times of despair. Click here to know more. The trip was literally a friendship-tester. And hopefully, we will remember for the rest of our life the good and hard times we ever had throughout the trip.

And this Monday (29/12), I had bbq with my lps friends. It's a big joy bbq-ing with them. I really enjoyed it and I mean it. haha..... Though most of them are 2 years younger than me, I think I can mingle with hem quite well. At least that's what I think, but I don't really know how they think.

Well, that's a very brief account of the happenings in 2008. 2009 is arriving in another several hours.

I have encountered quite many ups and downs in 2008. But it's the never-say-die spirit that keeps me going. I did, and do and will go on believing that if we never give up, we will eventually accomplish our dreams.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve as long as we work to achieve.

在这一年,我得了很多,也失了不少. 我学习了很多,但也忘记了不少. 不过,人不能因怕失而不去尝试获得, 因怕忘记而不去学习. 人生是个有限公司, 趁我们还有这个能力, 赶紧学我们想学的东西, 寻我们想寻的理想, 追我们想追的梦, 做我们想做的事. 人生无常, 若我们继续迟疑, 我们也许就会因此错失机会. 所以, 别再停滞不前了, 新的一年, 以新的士气, 新的精神, 展现新的自己, 迈开新的步伐向梦想前进! 加油加油!!

Say no more. You ponder on that.

PS :HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Be happy!

These few days, I got stuck in some problems. Those problems outwitted me before this. I was totally confused and puzzled in my own thinking. Perhaps, it's simply because I think too much. And I have been quite bored these days at home. My mind was thus occupied by unnecessary and complicating thoughts.

I was quite upset and feeling down these few days, especially yesterday. I can't get myself out of the bewilderment set by my own self. I was completely blank and clueless. CLUELESS!

But, today I have been able to untie the knot in my heart. I am off all those puzzles. I am free from all those stuff. haha... I am really glad to blog about this. I do want to shout out loud, laugh out loud and do everything a happy man will do. The feeling is so good and different from my feelings yesterday.

It's after I played basketball with my 5K classmates that I realised this "happiness". In fact, it's very simple to be happy. Just --------- BE HAPPY!!!


The key to being happy is to think happy and be happy.

Your emotions and feelings are largely governed by your thinking. So, do not think about the things that upset you. Look back on some cheerful events and the fun you ever had. Look for something to do and be focused on the task.

We want to turn grief to joy, frowns to smiles and cry to laughter. But it depends on us to do that. So, get up and move on happily.

There are many other meaningful questions for us to ponder on. Why spoil our day by thinking of those problems. Especially for teenagers, we tend to reflect on the relationship with our friends over and over again. Or perhaps, some will consider their love problems. Don't think too much, the best solution is to work it out (but only after a little bit of consideration on the way to handle the problem...haha).

Listen to some cheerful songs when feeling down.

The following song for example:

Here's a saying: "If a problem can be solved, then don't worry about it; if a problem can't be solved, what's the use of worrying?"

No doubt, we often worry as long as we haven't worked out a problem. That's very normal. But, try not to get too worried of it. Instead of uselessly consuming energy on worrying, why not utilise our energy to think about the solution and do some prayers, so that the problems can be fixed well? Do remember to turn to our own GOD when we encounter some tough obstacles.

A nature's law is that we reap what we sow. We take what we give. Our sincerity and effort would pay off certainly, perhaps in an imperceptible way.

So, when we really give what it takes, we would, in one day, take back what we have given.

Have you smiled today?

Be happy!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Went watching a movie and got inspired

This Monday, 15th December 2008, I went to jusco with my LPS friends after our duty in the library. In fact, we are not really on duty. haha... as we spent more time chatting.

Hey, mind you, chatting is necessary to maintain a friendship. Humans do need communications after all. *I am getting better at crapping~~lol~~ss*

So, after everyone reached the school, we closed the library and as usual, I had to be the driver. A driver who charge no transportation fees to those passengers. Believe me, this kind of good, generous drivers nearing extinction on this earth. kakaka....

We were going to watch a movie there. The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The movie would start on 2.20pm, but it's already 2 when we arrived. And what's more, we had not had our lunch. WHAT?! haha.. You did not get me wrong. A few of them had actually eaten at home: Jiun Shyan, Vin Roy and Jaclyn. But since the majority of us had not, so we were going to have our meal at KFC first after buying 10 tickets for the 2.20pm session.

I ordered a colonel chicken rice combo, which cost me RM 9.25. And this price had not included the tax. Wow... One of my red note was going to be gone.

When we entered the cinema, it's already 2.40. I missed the advertisements. What?! I was actually very keen on watching those advertisements that usually came before a movie was played, because I seldom got to step into a cinema. Well, I missed it. lol.. I was just crapping....

Ok, we did really miss the beginning of the movie. So, when I had just sat down watching, I had no idea at all of what the movie was about.

Luckily, the opening of the movie was not that important. I managed to understand the movie after a moment.

Well, the movie was not really PACKED with ACTIONS. But it's a very inspiring movie for me.

The movie was to raise the people's awareness to save the earth before the earth comes to an end.

It reminds us of our responsibilities to protect the earth.

It reminds us to change before we reach the end of the world.

Here's a sentence from the movie: People usually change on the verge of a crisis.

But, the fact is, must we change only when crisis is before us? Why must we always wait until the last minute? Why can't we take the initiative and make the change in us?

Yes, when the earth ends, the human civilization ends as well. So, change when we still have the chance.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Kiss The Rain

I came across this song while surfing the net. I like it the first time I listened to it. The melody is very nice and catchy. It arouses my sadness, yet soothes me. It's comfortable and sentimental.

'Kiss The Rain' by a South Korean piano music composer, Yiruma.

Below is the melody sung with lyrics. I don't think the lyrics are the original lyrics of the song, but together, they make a very sentimental song.

Here's the lyrics:

I often close my eyes
And I can see you smile
You reach out for my hand
And I'm woken from my dream
Although your heart is mine
Its hollow inside
I never had your love
And I never will

And every night
I lie awake
Thinking maybe you love me
Like I've always loved you
But how can you love me
Like I loved you when
You can't even look me straight in my eyes

VRS 2/3
I've never felt this way
To be so in love
To have someone there
Yet feel so alone
Aren't you supposed to be
The one to wipe my tears
The on to say that you would never leave

The waters calm and still
My reflection is there
I see you holding me
But then you disappear
All that is left of you
Is a memory
On that only, exists in my dreams

I don't know what hurts you
But I can feel it too
And it just hurts so much
To know that I can't do a thing
And deep down in my heart
Somehow I just know
That no matter what
I'll always love you

So why am I still here in the rain..

In memory of my dog...

He's a Doberman.

He was always obedient.

He liked putting his leg on ours.

He licked our hands.

He is 'Dobby'.

This Tuesday (9th December 2008), he died.

I saw him struggling for some moments.

And we had to make a harsh decision. A decision to put him to sleep.

I saw him die. Tears filled my eyes.

I was sad. In fact, my whole family was saddened by his death.

He had been a very good dog all this while. He has done his job very well too.

It's time for you to rest, Dobby. I will never forget that I ever had you in my life.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Just saw an unusual phenomenon... Wow!

That was indeed a memorable day!

It's this monday, 1st of December 2008.

It's the day when I saw very unusual sky phenomenon...

"Go out and see the moon now, got something interesting" This was the sms I received on around 8.30pm that day.

Without doubting if my friend was trying to fool me, I went out of the house and saw the moon. Initially, I wasn't able to see anything interesting. Just the moon. But then, not long after, I saw the bigger picture.

The moon was smiling at me!

Wow... I had got mixed feelings.

The next day, I came to know that the smiling moon was actually caused by the moon, and the planet Jupiter and Venus that aligned to form the smiley. The Jupiter and Venus formed the two eyes of the smiley, whereas the moon made up the charming smile. It's really.... breathtaking scene. 'Wow' is not enough!!

I actually went out to gaze at the smiling moon twice. The second time I saw it, I made my wishes in front of the smiling moon. haha....

(Listen to this song when reading the following. It adds some 'touching' effects.)

The wishes I made were not to be forgotten. I still remember them, and will keep them in my mind. They are not merely wishes. They are my dreams, dreams that I will strive to fulfill. I have stated my dreams in front of such an unusual phenomenon, and I believe that I will have the inconceivable power, drive and energy to accomplish my dreams.

The moon, Jupiter and Venus are three different things. Jupiter and Venus are planets, but moon is not. And surprisingly, it happened that they came together to form a charming and mesmerizing smiley.

And it's even more surprising that, we, in another planet called the Earth, had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gaze at such a great phenomenon.

I would rather define this as a miracle. A miracle that happened in reality.

A miracle that gives us hopes when hopes are frail.

This miracle promises us that we will see more miracles to come, if we never give up and we keep fighting till the end.

Mathematicians know how not probable it is for these three different things to arrange into a smiley. And it's nearly impossible for us to really see this phenomenon. But in the past, there were a cluster of people called the 'astrologists' who had never thought about those impossibilities. They just believed. Believed in miracles. Miraculously and successfully, they saw what they had believed in. And they since then found out that this unusual phenomenon happens every 44 years.

Because of them, we saw this miracle. And we'll start to believe in miracles.

Miracles always happen to those who believe in them
. In times of desperation, never ever abandon hope. Try to recall what we have experienced so far. Remember the miracle of seeing a smiling moon. Be patient when we face any crisis, believe in miracles, because miracles are going to happen.

PS: If the moon, jupiter and venus can come together as a smiley, any miracles can happen when we believe and try.


The rules:- Link to your tagger and post these rules. List (5) random facts about yourself and tag (5) people

Random facts
1. I am on holiday now.
2. I often go online this holiday.
3. I am currently doing my Form 6 in SMK Kepong Baru.
4. I am rather optimistic and sunshine. Is this a fact? But at least, I am trying to be so. hehe...
5. I have killed many innocent insects just to complete my biology project. I do feel a tinge of guilt, but I will work hard to contribute to biology in future and make their sacrifices worthwhile.

I don't have anyone in mind to tag... sry~~

About me
Name : Lee Weng Hoong
Name you wish you had : Lee Weng Hoong (I am proud having this name...haha)
What do normally people make mistake of your name? : The 'Hoong' in my name is sometimes pronounced as 'hong', instead of the 'hoong'
Birthday : 14 Jan
Birthplace : In the hospital.
Time of Birth : Forgotten (does it matter anyway? haha)
Single or Taken : wanted but not taken... haha... jus kidding.. still single la..
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

My Appearance
How tall are you : around 179 cm
Wish you were taller: hope to reach 180
Eye color : black
Eye color you want : black (I am proud with my eye colour)
Natural Hair color : black
Current Hair color : also black
Short or long hair: short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : nope
Feeling dramatic with your hair : of course! I feel good with it..
Glasses or contacts : glasses
Do you wear make-up : I am a guy, so nope. haha (I think make-ups are for those metrosexual guys)
Ever had hair extensions : what's hair extension? But anyway, I guess no
Paint your nails : never and never will

In the opposite gender
What color eyes : black, perhaps?
What color hair : same answer as above
Shy or Outgoing : A balance between these two
Sexy or Cute : dono.. i just know that she will drive me crazy and my heart thump crazily fast
Serious or Fun : fun, but not too fun..
Older or Younger than you: age is not an obstacle in true love
A turn on: no comment...
A turn off : no comment...

This or that
Flowers or Chocolates : Chocolates
Pepsi or Coke : none of them, coz I choose 100 plus
Rap or Rock : both as long as it's nice (can I take both?)
Relationship or One night stand : Relationship of course!
Work or School : School for the time being, maybe I'll change my answer in future..
Love or Money : oops, I don't care. I'll take both
Movies or Music : BOTH
Country or City : Don't really understand this question..
Sunny or Rainy days : sunny days... I like feeling sunshine...haha

Have you ever
Lie : Where on earth can we find someone who has never lied in their lives? Exclude babies in this question. (in fact, many babies do lie!)
Stole something: yupe
Smoked : never
Hurt someone close to you : I think yes


Flower : maybe rose? but rose has got many colours....
Candy: no special liking for certain candy
Song : it always changes according to my mood, so no point telling you...
Scent : dao4 xiang1? haha...just kidding.. I have no idea..
Color : blue for now
Movies: don't have
Singer : jay chou, perhaps..
Word : too many to be mentioned...
Junk food : no idea..
Website : my blog >>; youtube
Location: dubai, paris, hawaii, china, korea, japan, and the list goes on...
Animal : dogs

Ever cried over someone : I think yes
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : my confidence and abilities. But I don't wish, I will work it out. haha...
Do you think you're attractive : Why not? (This is not an example of narcissism, ok?)
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: no idea.. perhaps, snow white? I'll be the prince...haha
Do you play any sports: absolutely yes!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Memories in Bukit Larut....

Good times are there to recall and cherish. And the trip to Bukit Larut is truthfully one of the best moments I had throughout my life in SMKB. This trip is a memory to be kept for the rest of my life.

All smiles and ready to go for our destination >>>>>

Around 4 hours after that, we reached taiping! Then, waited for another bus and went to Fang Jayne's grandparents' house.


4 quite-handsome guys posing their smiles, but I have no idea why ding hang close his eyes...

weee = victory
smile = happiness
we smile! Cheering our friendship forever!

forever friends!


our finger-licking good dinner.... cooked by the four of us in this photo!

feeling sunshine...

PS: When I see this post one day in future, I will recall all those smiles and nice memories! Friendship always remains despite not seeing each other....

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thinking of a better world

i find myself in love with something lately.....
i am in love with........ MUSIC.

Especially JAY CHOU'S MUSIC.

In the past, when you ask me who is my idol, i would say i myself am my own idol. But now, maybe it's sill the same, i am not sure. One thing i am sure is that i would say jay chou is my favourite singer.

Actually, listening to music is very relaxing. It can usually provoke certain feelings in us, depending on what kind of music we are listening to. And i am having this feeling now, because i have been listening to the following song, by jay chou.

Try this song if you are free. It's quite nice.

I was thinking of a question just now, "How to make this world a better place to live in?"

Better place does not refer only to peace and no war in each corner of the world. For me, it actually means more than that. A better place should be able to provide its people with happiness and joy. Peace alone does not guarantee joy.

It's not easy to create joyful atmosphere, and a better place for every single soul living on earth. Some say, war for peace, and tears for joy. We might need to put up a fight or struggle before we manage to make this world a better place. Years and years have passed, yet, is our world good enough to live in? Have we witnessed the beauty of this world? Have we created peace after all the wars that took place?

In fact, we don't really need wars and tears for peace and joy.

It's not that difficult to create peace and joy.

It's not a mission impossible.

All that is needed is our own self.

If we are sincere in making peace, we will see peace.

If we really want to have joy, we will not make our life miserable with all those worries.

Since happiness is abstract, it is usually a state of our mind. If we are optimistic enough, we will be happier. So, try to see possibilities out of impossibilities, opportunities out of adversities and inspiration out of every challenging situation, You will eventually create miracles out of obstacles.

This is exactly what we should do to lead a positive life. Be sunshine and fill your day with sunshine. Life is here to enjoy.

Speaking of peace, it's not that difficult to make peace without war. But it's not easy to create true peace, because true peace goes beyond a world without war. It's a world where everyone smiles genuinely to each other without any rivalry inside.

If we do wanna see real peace, we should put our heart and soul to work out the problems among us. Many problems can be solved without the slightest violence, or even without argument. It's just that we are often too irrational to see that truth. Humans are one of the extremely few species capable of heart-to-heart communication. Yet, why do we purposely lose this unique God-given ability by putting up a 'character mask' when we face our friends? Why do we need to fake ourselves when we communicate with each other?

Have we forgotten sincerity and honesty?


Living in a better world is many people's dream. But only a few have started working on it.

We definitely do not hope to see a beautiful world only in fantasy, a better world only in our dreams. A cluster of people have been perspiring to make this world more beautiful. Let's believe that their perspiration will be worthwhile at last.

But please, do not just believe without trying to achieve.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Wow, I have been going through ups and downs in these few days, beginning from the very first day of my trip to Bukit Larut on last Sunday till yesterday.

We (the 6B1 students) went to Bukit Larut to catch bugs for our Biology project. But, the truth is we spent more time playing......haha... and guess what, that's absolutely normal for us!

We started walking uphill on Saturday, after a night stay at Fang Jayne's grandma's house. According to scheduled time, we should have started our journey uphill on around 9am, but due to the jeep competition held by the government, our departure time was delayed to 3.30pm. OMG!

I had never thought about the problems that might arise due to the delay until I came to know that the walk uphill took a very long time. I actually heard that from the people who walked downhill. As time went by, my worry grew larger. I was afraid it would be dark before we managed to reached the peak.

And the worst thing to know was.... the journey is of 10km distance. WHAT?!

Everybody was exhausted even before we walked halfway. This was partly due to the fact that we had to carry a small bag (the large bags that contained our clothes were carried uphill by a trailer) with us.

Along the journey, I kept encouraging my friends. Don't get shocked - I sang at some points of my journey, hoping that this will energise them.

Soon, darkness fell and we were still far from destination. We had to use torchlight. We walked together, stopped and rested together, because at this point, we knew everything had to be done TOGETHER.

Among us, there were some who suspected that we went on the wrong direction. One of my friends said she was afraid there were some spooky things that made us circle around the same place. Wow, that's real eerie. But luckily she told me after the journey. I was very optimistic to assure them that we were indeed on the right track.

In fact, under such circumstance, where you are extremely tired and the journey ahead seemed to be never ending you will feel that hope is frail. Some of us did feel so. They began to lose hope. But we never gave up. We walked and rested a while, and resumed our walk. I told myself that I must keep going. I must have very strong mental power. And I then recalled a saying from Napoleon Hill, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Finally, in complete darkness, I am proud to say that we saw light. For me, it's the very first time in my life that I feel so strongly with the saying "There's light at the end of every tunnel". Indeed, we saw the light. Tears came out from my eyes. I was very relieved. And I was all the more proud with our achievement.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We saw true friendship in this situation. Those weaker ones were helped by their physically tougher friends. This is true friendship, friends who help and encourage each other in times of difficulties.

If not for this tiring walk, we would not have bonded together. If not for the darkness we were in, we would not have enjoyed such a beautiful city view at night. There's always blessing in every adversity that we face. This is very true and now I had personally experienced that.

I felt it's worth exhausting myself to walk uphill because I got to enjoy the beauty of the nature and the cool weather there. And I got to do all that with a group of true friends. All these really made my walk and tiredness worthwhile.

I have seen true friendship, and I am very proud of 6B1. Thanks all of you for giving me such a nice memory, especially when I was walking uphill.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Feeling down

Feeling down.....

I am feeling down right now, right here....

I have actually experienced this kind of feeling countless times before, it's just that I seldom blog about my feelings.

I don't really know why I feel down. I just know that....that I feel down and helpless...

Wow, I remember I have tried cheering up a friend of mine. We were chatting online and she said she was moodless. So, I tried telling her to smile and be happy. She told me it's not easy to cheer up when one feel down. And I have to admit that she was quite right. But still, I will self-motivate and recover very soon. haha...

After all, this is what life is all about. If life is always filled with happiness, we would never treasure happiness. And guess what, I found it sort of nice to feel down, especially when we are listening to sad songs. haha... In fact, listening to songs is one way to 'cure' your bad feelings. And I think the best way out is to write our feelings out. And that's why I blog about my feelings right now.

PS: This is parts and parcels of our lives. So, don't keep feeling down when you feel down. Smile and cheer up! lol!!!

Guess what I was listening?

This was the song!

Monday, 27 October 2008

This Thing Called L-O-V-E

Besides our family and relatives, there must be someone who means so much to us. That is someone special to us. The Chinese have this saying as "They are our the other half."

Love is all based on the feelings....


deals with the heart...

It's like seeing rays of light in darkness when LOVE strikes

There are many girls out there,

good, nice and pretty ones....

But we will know when it's her

When the eyes meet the eyes,
when the heart beats extraordinarily faster and pumps unusually stronger,
when the body sweat unusually,
when we have much to say, yet we turn speechless,
when we want to see her face every seconds....

That's when love comes.

When love comes, we get unusually happy.....

When love comes, we feel nourished.....

When love comes, we feel on top of the world.....

When love comes, we feel that the world is ours....

Once you have found your Miss Right....

hold her hands tightly and never let her go....

hug her and warm her body with yours...

go all out to protect her...

kiss her on the cheek....

kiss her and tell her "I love you"...

When she kisses you back, she really loves you more than you can think...

So, tell her "I always love you, and I always will"...

Treasure her like an angel, because she is really the angel in your life...

Never forget to fulfill what you have promised to her....

because love is a lifelong promise...

Once you have found her, love her with all your heart and soul and care for her for the rest of your life.

And I will do exactly that, or perhaps more than that.



PS :

Being true and perceived to be true...

Many things are perceived to be true in this world. And yet, these things are not necessarily true. In fact, they are always not the truth. Or should I say, there is no clear-cut answer to an issue. Simply put, there is no such thing as absolute truth on earth.

But guess what, stereotype always comes into play. We tend to believe that what is perceived to be true is true. Subconsciously, we register that 'false truth' in our mind and confine ourselves to a limited frame of mind.


Stereotype has got serious negative impacts to ourselves. Not only does it blunt our critical and analytical thinking, but it also makes us lose our self-opinions. When everyone around you tells you that you look bad, do you believe that you are so? When everyone around you says you are extremely stupid, do you believe them? Or put another way, should you believe them?

So, self-esteem plays a very important role here.

Thomas Edison made countless attempts and carried out thousands of experiments to make his first ever light bulb. And in the midst of the people's stereotype that he was not going to succeed, he succeeded.

Do not let the stereotype about something influence our own thinking. Often, we need to think and question an issue, or a theory. "Think out of the box" - much has been said about it. But little have we done to practise that.

........... ...................

Another thing is about social stigma.

When we do something against the norm, we are labeled extraordinary. Even when someone does nothing wrong at all, he receives the social stigma. WE have stigma associated with HIV-positive patients and homosexuals. Hey, do you think those diagnosed HIV positive must have been sleeping around with many other people? Do you think the homosexuals purposely change their sexuality for fun?

Think about these questions. The society is a civilised society today. Should social stigma exist any longer?

Hopefully, starting from the youth today (me included la..haha), we will do our part to change this social stereotype and stigma. It has got to start from somebody. Why not you?


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thought-provoking with exams and pressure

" ~I am listening to this song by Jay Chou >> 'Return to The Past' when writing this blog post. I do not intend to multi-task, but I am just looking for some sources of inspiration to blog. As suggested by the theme of my blog, "Inspiring", anything can be the inspiration in life. Haha...... Moreover, this might enhance the indescribable 'feeling' to blog about my thoughts and opinions. However, there's one drawback for sure - I would get distracted and may commit grammatical errors.....lolx.~

~Try reading my blog with the music~ "



Exam is finally over! Finally, the stress is off for the moment.

We should feel very relaxed and happy. We should enjoy the feeling after exam, when we have the freedom to surf the net, chat online and play computer games until late at night. The most important point is that we do not need to worry about studying.

This is what many people normally feel the second right after they submit their answer sheets on the last day of exam.

Ironically, some of us feel 'hollow' after exam. We can do anything we enjoy doing, but we have nothing to do....

Is this the right attitude we should possess?

Is exam really that stressful?

Do we study for exam? I thought we should study for self-interest and knowledge? Which is right? I do not know....

It seems that I myself study for exam too... Many of us study only when exam is around the corner, and me included. And why is it that we feel the pressure and burden when we sit for exam? Why is it that our hearts always beat faster and stronger when we face exam?

"The purpose of exam is to gauge our understanding of a topic", we are told so. But, it happens to me that scoring good grades in exam does not mean you have fully understood a certain topic. Failing an exam doesn't mean you know nothing about a topic.

When there's exam, a marking scheme comes into play. When this transpires, rigidity in our education system happens. We have to write all the keywords in exam so as to ensure that we fulfill the criteria of getting an 'A' in a subject.


English language is so wide. Do we have only one single or several words to describe a process, or a physiological reaction that takes place in our body?

What are we learning? Keywords? or knowledge?

I have no better solution in mind other than abolishing the exam marking scheme. And would that ever happen? That's a good question to ponder on.

Next, PRESSURE. Why do we feel so tensed up during exam? Why can't we take exam as a usual practice that we do in class? Is it because of the exam-oriented society? Is that because everything on earth seems to be in favour of those with high paper qualification?

Perhaps, it's our own fault. We ourselves placed so high priority in exam that we failed to bring the best out of us. Perhaps, we are the culprit of our own failure. We are the ones who know best.

We are always on high alert if there's any enemy around. But we failed to identify the biggest enemy in us. Recognising and overcoming our inner 'enemy' takes tremendous amount of effort. But it can be achieved if we set our heart and soul to attain it!

Napoleon Hill once said, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

It's not that we are not capable of doing something. It's just that some might take longer time to complete the same task. Believe in ourselves. Forget about the pressure when we do anything. Just do our best and leave the rest to our God. It's never easy to do this, but it is not impossible.

A simplified version of Napoleon's saying, "When we believe, we can achieve."

PS: Go! Go! Go! We can achieve it!

Photo with a group of new-found friends

My previous blog post mentioned about how we, the 6B1 students met the students from Australia. But I didn't insert any photo of us in the post.

This is the group photo that I received from one of the Australian friends. Yesterday only she sent it to me online....

haha... photo of togetherness and happiness!!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Australian Visitors

Yesterday, our school, SMKB, received a visit from about 20 Australians, which are doing their high school.

A luck would have it, my class, 6B1, had the honour to interact and mix with them. And I was really glad to hear that piece of news. So, there we went to the school hall.

We were seated at our own place. The 6B1 students and the visitors were sitting separately. We were there prior to their arrival. And when they stepped in the hall, some of them shook hands with our students. One even gave us some souvenirs brought from their country. To make it short, they were friendly enough.

We then had Luei Hann as the emcee for the "Welcome" ceremony specially prepared for the Aussies. The performances included the chinese orchestra and traditional dance from the students. We also watched a slide show produced by the prefects.

The next session was the interacting session. As we are host school students, we took the initiative to interact and chat with them. We also took pictures together. And I did exactly that.

From our conversation, I got to know that they will be in Malaysia for around 9 days and their trip is on their own expenses. They are visiting Penang Island too. haha...

There's not much to talk about. But one thing interesting was, many of them had earlier prepared some souvenirs. And when they met us yesterday, they gave us things like pens and the Australia flags.

Though most of the Aussies are in the age range of 14 to 16, they looked matured, indeed. And that was what I told them.

I got to know many new friends and had also got their email address. To name a few, Shelby, Kirstine and Nicole. Hopefully, we have the chance to chat online.

The meeting with the Aussies was really an exposure for me. I did enjoy meeting them and hopefully, they enjoy that too.

PS: It's nice meeting with you all, the Aussies. haha...

Why I change my blog address

To those who first visit my blog, my previous blog address is actually

Why I change the address? I think that's because the address sounds a bit childish to me, and also to many of you out there.

hmm... the meaning of my new blog address, Ok, here it goes:

My name can be expressed in the form of W.H. Lee. If you reorganise the name (whlee), it becomes wheel. So, moving wheel means I am always moving and overcoming all the stumbling blocks in life. I think this is much more meaningful than my previous address. hahaha.....

Sunday, 31 August 2008

What's happening

Wow! It has been more than a month since I last blogged. Indeed, I have been quite busy these days, and I suppose there's more to come. Plus, I wasn't in the mood of blogging. *haha*

There have been quite some happenings last month. I was in charge of the merdeka celebration at school level. Three of my classmates were chosen to be the emcees for the event. At the end of the celebration, another fourteen of us (including emcees) - as usual - went upstage and ---------- 'laung merdeka' So patriotic of us! *hahahaha* We, the committee, luckily received compliments from the teachers. And we do deserve them!

Form 6 life had been quite hectic, especially after I spend a portion of time surfing the net and blogging. So, what I wanna say is that time management is of utmost importance. And I am learning to spend quality time....... hahahaha

I do mean it. Time management is important. All of us have 24 hours a day. Time well-spent or not, it depends solely on us. People might think it's useful to be equipped with the power to freeze time. But let's think it over. Would it really help? If you are used to procrastinating, you will carry on the bad habit and leave things undone even if you have the luxury of time. If one is addicted to playing online games, will he ever give up his addiction when he has the ability to freeze time?

Oops, it sounds as if I were writing an essay on time. You can perhaps refer to it as one of your points when writing essays.......lolz....

In conclusion, you will need time management skills unless you can be like this:

Lately, I stay back at school quite often for LPS. Having joined LPS for almost 6 years, I do feel a stronger sense of belonging to it. And it's actually good to have this feeling. It keeps my spirit alive whenever I feel down.

Speaking of feeling down, it's common to sink into depression at times. Even dogs feel down occasionally.

Have you never ever felt down before?

I remember one of my friends telling me to pour out my feelings in my blog posts. But I actually prefer another means of getting rid of bad mood - by listening to music. Seriously, different people mend their broken heart by different ways. But, try to be as cheerful as I am. Be happy always. I have heard people saying, "If a problem can be solved, no need to worry about it. If a problem cannot be solved, what is the use of worrying?" That's very true. Don't endure hardships. Enjoy them. Only this can bring you further.

Guess what? I think I am getting more obsessed with Taiwan (or Korean) romance drama. I am watching "Rolling Love' now and I find it quite interesting. I guess it touches my heart, especially because the drama reflects the inner feelings of a blind, pretty girl. The story is rather unrealistic, but it is actually these unrealistic elements that give us hope to see a revamped world, and a beautiful, shining future.

The love story in these typical dramas are usually unlikely to happen in reality, but they fill my world with hopes, and my life with 'substance'. Tshey give me the hope that I still stand a chance to experience that kind of "love chemistry". They give me the hope to make my dream come true even if they're under high unlikeliness to be real.

They motivate me to strive harder. And they touch my soul.

In fact, all sorts of possibilities rise from impossibilities. All realities rise from dreams. Every success starts with a dream to succeed!

Here's the theme song of the drama "rolling love".

This song, or this type of songs for that matter, never fails to be my driving force to achieve better results. Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 31 July 2008


Of late, I found myself always listening to songs in youtube. And when I come across a meaningful song, I always think of sharing it in my blog.

The song embedded above is a TVB drama theme song. The song is named after the drama, Always Ready. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you can see that I am a real TVB drama fan. I do watch Korean dramas, and I did feel touched by the romance between the main characters in those love dramas. To name a few, Full House and Autumn in My Heart. But I just prefer TVB ones to Korean ones. This may be attributed to the fact that TVB dramas actually incorporate many other elements besides love and romance in the story, while Korean dramas usually revolve around the theme of love and sacrifices. Or pehaps, there's just this energy called "yuan2" between me and TVB dramas, just the this thing called "yuan2 fen4" between couples.

Oops, looks like I deviated from the topic so much.

Back to the drama. It actually shows how a team of people from GFS display their spirits, determination and courage to rescue people.

You might not be interested in their job. Nonetheless, we should learn their ways of taking life and challenges. Listen to the song and you will realise what it means by courage. It's an inspiring song that overwhelms me with courage and power every time I listen to it. Courage does not merely refer to the ability to speak publicly without stammering through one's speech. It's skin deep to define courage in such a way.

In fact, besides the courage to speak up (which is very important in these days, taking into account that it's a very much needed surviving skills in politicians), courage does mean the determination to take and brave for the challenges ahead, without being afraid of the unknown future.

Courage means the perseverance to keep fighting through our way to success without giving up. Courage means keep going with each and every battles in life, though we may lose in a few of them.

In fact, when we believe, we can succeed without other people's help. The important thing is to show courage in doing whatever we undertake. Strive for our dreams, work towards our goals, with no hesitation.

When we believe, everything is possible, except this thing called "impossibility"

PS: Do not hope for other people's help. We have to work extra hard to succeed. Take it as a challenge to train ourselves. This is the critical point where we can turn adversity into opportunity. Let's not depend on "certain" people (try to get what I mean).


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Love is colour blind

Recently, I have fallen in love with an English song. It's love at first sight. It is no doubt that this song is meaningful, and I find it very soulful and nerve-soothing. "Love Is Colour Blind", a song that can really give you the peace of mind and help you relax.

Note: The first video is the original music video for the song, but it is not complete, meaning the video ends in the middle of the music. The second video is not the music video, but it is complete.

Sarah Connor, TQ

what's up?
it's TQ and Sarah again
haha, right back at ya
(love is color blind)
that's right
this time we got a serious situation
and we're tryna do our parts to help
and we need your help
you know what I'm saying?
(love is color blind)
so come on!

it don't matter if you're black (yeah)
white, or yellow, if you're brown or red (it don't matter)
let's get down to that
love is color blind (that's right, give it to em baby)

I remember when
I was a child and couldn't understand
people having fun
discriminating all the different ones
mama just used to say
when you grow up you maybe find a way
to make these people see
that everything I do comes back to me

you gotta live your life
through all the single ones to blame
you gotta live that life
just play the game and let love reign

it don't matter if you're black
white, or yellow, if you're brown or red
let's get down to that
love is color blind
you're my brother, you're my friend
all that matters in the very end (yeah)
it's to understand (yeah)
{come on TQ}
love is color blind (that's right)

I remember as a young boy
I watch my neighborhood go up in flames
I saw the whole thing of tears and pain
and the situation's wack in my brain
I wish I could fly away and never come back again
we need some love ya'll
we need some real dip, help from above ya'll
I mean the kids is watching
and I just can't see ya stop
I don't understand
I mean we all bleed the same blood, man
(you gotta live your life)
better than a father's dead
let's make some love baby
have some kids
(you gotta live that life)
and I don't care what color they are
or you are or we are, it's all love baby!

[Sarah + TQ adlibs]
it don't matter if you're black
white, or yellow, if you're brown or red
let's get down to that
love is color blind
you're my brother, you're my friend
all that matters in the very end
it's to understand
love is color blind

you could have been my mother
you could have been my brother
what if you are my sister
if you are my father
you could have been my feller
you could have been my teacher
but if you are my friend
it would be so nice to meet ya
you could have been my mother
you could have been my brother
what if you are my sister
if you are my father
I could have been your feller
you could have been my teacher
but if you are my friend
it would be so nice to meet ya

take it out to the world
tell every boy and every little girl
be proud of yourself
cause you're as good as anybody else
put away your prejudice
open your mind don't need to stick to this
try to make this of
a better place without a racial curse(?)

yeah time for some changes ya'll
(na na na na...)
so come on!
put your hands up!
come on!
put your hands up!
come on!
put your hands up!
it don't matter ya'll
we stayin color blind
it don't matter ya'll
we stayin color blind
it don't matter ya'll
we stayin color blind
yeah, give it to em

[Sarah + TQ adlibs]
it don't matter if you're black
white, or yellow, if you're brown or red
let's get down to that
love is color blind
you're my brother, you're my friend
all that matters in the very end
it's to understand
love is color blind

you could have been my mother
you could have been my brother
what if you are my sister
if you are my father
you could have been my feller
you could have been my teacher
but if you are my friend
it would be so nice to meet ya
you could have been my mother
you're my brother, you're my friend
all that matters in the very end
it's to understand
love is color blind
color blind, yeah

Instead of saying love is blind, why not we insert one more word in that saying? Make it "love is colour blind". Love knows no boundaries. In this world of vast difference and diversity, it's perhaps a wise option to open up our heart and rid ourselves of stereotype, pride and prejudice. It is only by this way that we could possibly make this world a better place to live in. The species of good, generous and kind souls (me included in it....hahaha) is considered endangered species. But we could do something to preserve and increase its population. Let love triumph over pride and prejudice. Let love conquer and spread to everyone's heart.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Genting Trip

Recently (29th June), I went to Genting Highlands with my friends and many other schoolmates whom I do not know. Actually, this trip was organised by our MUET (which stands for Malaysian University English Test) teacher, Mr Tiong. So, it was open to all students. But that doesn't reduce our fun at all during the trip.

In fact, it was the thick mist that made the trip less fun. The mist had been so thick that one couldn't even see things 5 meters away.

During the trip, I had captured many photos of myself. I even took the trouble (in fact, I troubled him...oops) to ask a favour from my Kelvin to help me take my personal photos.

don't say my hair is short..... I just had it cut the day before....

me..... (cool?)

me again......(no matter how or what you think, I think I look cool in this photo...haha)

Oops.... I just found out that I have become so obsessed with myself. Is it that I have the condition "narcissism". I just came across this word in the net. In fact, I like taking photos of my own self. But it's just that I have neither camera nor camera phones. No jokes. (Don't say I am 'zi lian kuang') This is my way of boosting self-esteem. *hahahaha....*

Five gentlemen showing their backs without an apparent reason. But we had fun!! That's perhaps the best reason on earth!

Me, half ding hang and one third siang xian. hahaha.......... (maybe they don't like being captured. lol)

From left:Issac, Ding Hang, Jun Pak and me, Weng Hoong la!! First time do I mention my real name in my blog. haha..... Apparently, Jun Pak was very shy to be captured. That's why he closed his eyes!! haha..... Then, what do you think of Issac? handsome? cool? hmm... one word that matches him perfectly: skinny. (Just like our Mr. Kah Ooi)
Then you see Ding Hang. He acted as if there's a very pretty girl in front and he was going after her, asking her to wait for a few more seconds. haha.... Me? What to describe? handsome, young and cheerful?? haha....

It's us again!! Good fun times!

Just out from the snow world. It's so fun and cold inside. If you go inside without wearing sweater or jackets or any winter clothes for that matter, you will be frozen to numbness. But it so happened that there's this guy from our school who came in with a simple t-shirt and short pants. What?! But the truth is, he came in for a short while only. I supposed he's half-frozen when he got out. What he wanted to do was to draw people's attraction. lol

That's all for my Genting trip. In short, it's fun and nice. haha.... Thanks every one for making it great!