Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Australian Visitors

Yesterday, our school, SMKB, received a visit from about 20 Australians, which are doing their high school.

A luck would have it, my class, 6B1, had the honour to interact and mix with them. And I was really glad to hear that piece of news. So, there we went to the school hall.

We were seated at our own place. The 6B1 students and the visitors were sitting separately. We were there prior to their arrival. And when they stepped in the hall, some of them shook hands with our students. One even gave us some souvenirs brought from their country. To make it short, they were friendly enough.

We then had Luei Hann as the emcee for the "Welcome" ceremony specially prepared for the Aussies. The performances included the chinese orchestra and traditional dance from the students. We also watched a slide show produced by the prefects.

The next session was the interacting session. As we are host school students, we took the initiative to interact and chat with them. We also took pictures together. And I did exactly that.

From our conversation, I got to know that they will be in Malaysia for around 9 days and their trip is on their own expenses. They are visiting Penang Island too. haha...

There's not much to talk about. But one thing interesting was, many of them had earlier prepared some souvenirs. And when they met us yesterday, they gave us things like pens and the Australia flags.

Though most of the Aussies are in the age range of 14 to 16, they looked matured, indeed. And that was what I told them.

I got to know many new friends and had also got their email address. To name a few, Shelby, Kirstine and Nicole. Hopefully, we have the chance to chat online.

The meeting with the Aussies was really an exposure for me. I did enjoy meeting them and hopefully, they enjoy that too.

PS: It's nice meeting with you all, the Aussies. haha...


Anonymous said...

they r nt oni mature
vry.. mature
dats wat i saw on dat day ...
can't blif they r jz 14-16 yrs old
li lee

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lee hoong said...

Hi, thanks for your comments on my blog.

But I am sorry to say that I have no idea of the average RedBull price in Malaysia.

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chin said...

WOW! that what i can say when reading your blog. Got to know about your blog from recom. Love reading your posts. Found it very inspiring. Will stop by to read more often! ^.< So keep blogging!

lee hoong said...

A big thanks to you for the comments, chin! It does motivate me to blog more better posts.

Actually, I am quite worried that people will be bored with my blog, but I just hold on to a principle: I blog not for other people, just like the saying, "We live for ourselves, not for others."

haha... if you find my blog interesting, do welcome your visits! CHEER UP :)