Saturday, 27 June 2009

Pre-U Council Orientation

Before reading this post, just play this song. It's a nice, relaxing song. Listen to it while you are going through this blog post. lol...

We had our orientation on from 25th to 27th June.

I did not join in the groups playing the games organised. And that's because I was in the organising committee. Yes!! That means I have the best opportunity to play around with the juniors.

Before orientation:

We were busy doing preparations.

This is my hand (shown incompletely...that's obvious...haha) >>

The first day:

Dividing the members into groups. Pn. Sharifah in this >>

We grouped them according to the name of planets. Too bad, all of them were abnormal, since none of them was in the planet Earth. Before I forget, we only had 8 groups. The Earth is too dangerous, but not necessarily you have to return to Mars, for we also had Uranus and Neptune!!! hahaha...

The second day:

We first had "Amazing Race" which was equivalent to treasure hunt in store for the 8 groups.

The mission that every one must go through. From here, they branched out to other different missions.

The physical challenge...

We then had "Station Games". There are 8 stations altogether.

They were passing water. The last person then poured the water into a pail. They must collect a fixed amount of water in order to win.

Blow a balloon with flour inside until it burst!! "Pong!"

Direct the ping pong ball through a flour-filled route.

Catch the water bag!! And that's me jumping up. lol =p

Posing...I like this photo very much. I think (uh hum..I Think) it's nice. This is a display of confidence and perhaps self-love, but certainly not narcissism. By the way, is this camwhoring?

The third day:

Me again... Honestly, I like to take photos, just that I do not have a camera.

Wasei... dragonball gui bo hei gong, haha :P >>

The orientation lasted for only 3 days. Does anyone actually feel that they had not enough fun? haha...

Well, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves during these 3 days.

All pre-u students, let's work hard for a better future!! Ganbatte!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Yesterday I watched a movie, "Camp Rock" on TV3. It's quite interesting. More importantly, it's liked by the youngsters, me

Here are some soundtracks used in the movie.

"We Rock"

"This Is Me"

Yea, how's it like listening to these 2 songs? Personally, I like them equally much. The first song is very entertaining and relaxing. Listening to it helps especially when you are in the midst of tremendous pressure and loads of problems. Yea, it's very true. Sometimes, we do need to unwind the tensed up condition of our head. Turn on the music, sing your hearts out and perhaps, shake your body and dance along. It surely helps.

The second song is truly inspiring. It kinda boosts up self esteem listening to it. Well, as suggested by the song lyrics, reflect on ourselves, look for the vast pools of potentials inside us and develop them. Some people are good in sports, others might have a great business or scientific mind. We just gotta find the place where we belong. Then only we can soar our way up beyond the limits in our own arena. Ganbatte!