Saturday, 27 June 2009

Pre-U Council Orientation

Before reading this post, just play this song. It's a nice, relaxing song. Listen to it while you are going through this blog post. lol...

We had our orientation on from 25th to 27th June.

I did not join in the groups playing the games organised. And that's because I was in the organising committee. Yes!! That means I have the best opportunity to play around with the juniors.

Before orientation:

We were busy doing preparations.

This is my hand (shown incompletely...that's obvious...haha) >>

The first day:

Dividing the members into groups. Pn. Sharifah in this >>

We grouped them according to the name of planets. Too bad, all of them were abnormal, since none of them was in the planet Earth. Before I forget, we only had 8 groups. The Earth is too dangerous, but not necessarily you have to return to Mars, for we also had Uranus and Neptune!!! hahaha...

The second day:

We first had "Amazing Race" which was equivalent to treasure hunt in store for the 8 groups.

The mission that every one must go through. From here, they branched out to other different missions.

The physical challenge...

We then had "Station Games". There are 8 stations altogether.

They were passing water. The last person then poured the water into a pail. They must collect a fixed amount of water in order to win.

Blow a balloon with flour inside until it burst!! "Pong!"

Direct the ping pong ball through a flour-filled route.

Catch the water bag!! And that's me jumping up. lol =p

Posing...I like this photo very much. I think (uh hum..I Think) it's nice. This is a display of confidence and perhaps self-love, but certainly not narcissism. By the way, is this camwhoring?

The third day:

Me again... Honestly, I like to take photos, just that I do not have a camera.

Wasei... dragonball gui bo hei gong, haha :P >>

The orientation lasted for only 3 days. Does anyone actually feel that they had not enough fun? haha...

Well, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves during these 3 days.

All pre-u students, let's work hard for a better future!! Ganbatte!!!

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