Saturday, 6 June 2009

Yesterday I watched a movie, "Camp Rock" on TV3. It's quite interesting. More importantly, it's liked by the youngsters, me

Here are some soundtracks used in the movie.

"We Rock"

"This Is Me"

Yea, how's it like listening to these 2 songs? Personally, I like them equally much. The first song is very entertaining and relaxing. Listening to it helps especially when you are in the midst of tremendous pressure and loads of problems. Yea, it's very true. Sometimes, we do need to unwind the tensed up condition of our head. Turn on the music, sing your hearts out and perhaps, shake your body and dance along. It surely helps.

The second song is truly inspiring. It kinda boosts up self esteem listening to it. Well, as suggested by the song lyrics, reflect on ourselves, look for the vast pools of potentials inside us and develop them. Some people are good in sports, others might have a great business or scientific mind. We just gotta find the place where we belong. Then only we can soar our way up beyond the limits in our own arena. Ganbatte!

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