Thursday, 28 May 2009

2009 Teacher's Day

Today is our Teacher's Day celebration at school level. It's held earlier this year.

Initially, i thought the performances were not going to be interesting, considering the little time allocated for the preparations.

Well, I must say I am wrong. The students put up quite some hilarious and nice shows.

There were a performance from the chinese orchestra group of our school, a hip-hop dance and a very special, unique dance that displayed a combination of Indian and hip-hop cultures. haha... This dance really made the crowd burst into laughter.

Too bad, I did not record it.

Well, this is the last year i celebrate Teacher's Day in our school. i somehow felt touched actually. In the middle of the event, my mind went wandering to the moment of our coming graduation day end of this year. During the Graduation Day in Form 5, i did feel sad about leaving the school and a group of friends. Now that i stay on for an additional two years, i think my heart had grown fonder of the environment and some teachers here and i will feel even more reluctant having to leave this school. i did disagree with some of the systems implemented, but i still love this my school after all. Just like how we still love our parents after all their naggings and blames on us.

After the rather grand celebration in the school hall, our class also prepared a special celebration for our teachers. For documentation purpose, they are Pn Hong (Maths), Pn Suraini(P.A.), Pn. Vijaya(Chem) Pn. Zahariah(Bio), Mr. Tay(P.A.) and Mr. Tiong(MUET). Delight is clearly written all over their faces when we wished them happy teacher's day and proceeded with the cake-cutting session. A porcelain cup is our gift to each of them.

Well, I really expressed my gratitude to them, from the very bottom of my heart. They are truly good teachers. Some of them even go the extra miles and educate us to be a better person. I don't attend tuition at all in Form 6, except for P.A. --- i have no implied meaning, don't get me wrong! lol

Speaking of teaching, I have a perception about the teaching profession. This thought struck me while listening to Pn. Wong speech today. A teacher's job is not to teach, but to educate. There are differences between teaching and educating. Teaching simply means disseminating the technical information according to the syllabus set. But educating means more than that. It encompasses the responsibility to show students the right ways in life and guide them to becoming better men in future. Teachers should always inculcate positive values and habits in students, like moving on in adversity and thinking out of the box.

To those pursuing a teacher's career, remember to always educate your students. Motivate your students. Mould them into better men. They are the ones going to lead the world. Held in them are the chance and hope to see a better world in the future!

There will be no future without teachers. We are nothing without them. Teachers are great, but they just do it in silence. They educate us, shape us, and equip us with a pair of invisible wings together with the ability to fly. All they ask for in return is to see us soaring high and beyond the sky. Our teachers might not remember us, but we should appreciate them for what they have done for us and always remember them. No matter how high we fly, make landing once in a while to pay them a visit. Just like what we should do to our parents.

PS: Thank you teachers. Happy Teacher's Day! The best gift to a teacher: Still remembering them and saying thank you to them after 10 years when we have achieved great heights in life. I will do that!

*Here's a good song you may have listened to before. Just to feed your soul. Jia you!

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