Friday, 31 July 2009


最近好像有些不开心的事发生在我周围。 一些朋友曾几何时的笑脸,渐渐被副忧愁的“苦瓜脸”替代。

看来他们又瞒多的问题缠身吧! 唉。。。 叹气的原因不是因为问题的出现,而是为何许多人面对问题的时候往往都会以悲观的角度看待?

我不是什么开心果,我当然也有伤心的时候。 心情不好,垂头丧气,精神萎靡,种种悲伤的症状,我全都试过。 话说回来,我其实还颇容易感伤的咯。 人有时真的很难避免不去乱乱想。 看见某些情景,可能负面的想法就油然而生。

面对问题时感到烦恼,这非常正常。 或许,这是人生的一部分,人的必经之路。

我记得有个朋友对我们整班同学说过:“面对问题,随它去就好了。” 他说的正好,为何面对问题的同时,要为自己增加完全帮不上忙的“烦恼”呢?

此话易说不易做。 但无论如何,我们是不是该勇于地尝试呢?

开心与不开心,只不过是那一念之差。 开心与否, 大多时候都是掌握在我们的脑中吧!

为人生带来缤纷色彩,抑或灰色地带,是我们的选择。 既然问题是无法避免的,就让我们从多余的烦恼自拔吧!

活着,就要笑,要加油! 活着,就要笑度人生! 加油!

PS: Never struggle through obstacles in life, but smile your way through.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Tennis Final

It happened on Tuesday. Until I realised it, I couldn't imagine how easy it was for me to march on to the boys' double final. We had walk-over for two times and literally, we just beat one duo to get into the tennis final.

I was more than happy of course, since I rarely get into final of sports event. What's more, I am granted at least a silver medal. Yea!! lol!!

But I didn't really hope I would get only silver. I purposely stayed back until around 6.30pm on Wednesday to practise tennis. In fact, I am just so-so at playing tennis.

The day has arrived. Today.

I was full of anticipation and hope that we win.

In the end, we lost.

First, we lost the first set. But soon, we rose up to 2-1. But after that, they won their way and beat us with 2-6.

I had been telling myself not to get nervous and that the opponent duo were more skillful than us. And of course, it's not surprising that they would win. But during the game, I was still gripped by nervousness and did a few mistakes.

Right after the match, my spirit hit rock bottom. Got so down. haiz... I didn't know why I was so. In fact, I shouldn't have felt so bad for I lost to a superior team. I should have expected the loss. And deep down, I did actually.

The moodless state remained with me until I got home. Well, feelings are not easy to control. Being aware of that, we really have to manage our feelings. Not to say that we cannot feel sad for any single moment. But don let that kind of feeling last long. Do something about it like listening to music.

Heal fast!