Saturday, 18 April 2009

These few weeks had been so hectic for me. Practically every day, I go home only after 4pm. I kind of regret involving myself in the committee members of several clubs last year. And that actually eats part of my revision time. Well, right or wrong, it's my choice. I have to take 100% responsibility on it. I will try my best to manage my time well, grab hold of every seconds and utilise time to the maximum. One important thing is to cut down on the time spent to go online.

And this also means I might blog less frequently. Anyway, if an overwhelming feeling and inspiration come flooding into my mind, most probably I will head straight to my computer and blog.

From a motivational book I ever read, I learn to take full accountability and responsibility on our decisions in life. At junctures in life, we might make a wrong choice. But that's the road taken. Instead of grumbling about the hurdles and curdles along the way, we should learn to terms with the fact: We make the wrong move. We should go on and never give up. In fact, it's the thorns and prickles that make us tougher.

Embrace the difficulties and enjoy the process of overcoming them. Enjoy what we have got. Change what seems as an adversity into an opportunity that makes us a better man.

I have-via the e-mail-come across a sentence that sounds something like this:

Coffee powder, in hot water, melts and gives nice aroma. The coffee powder has totally changed the difficult environment it's in.

In face of difficulties, some people frown and cease trying after several failures. Some get very tough, but they end up smiles-deprived. They manage to work out many problems but are not really happy about all those obstacles in life. Then we have the third type of people who behave like the coffee powder. They take the challenge happily and enjoy life's stumbling blocks. They eventually come out as the winner, filled with the satisfaction and joy of overcoming problems.

It's not easy to be the third type of people, but we can do it. Change our perception and believe in ourselves.

Changing the face changes nothing, but facing the change changes everything.

See things from the bright side. An optimistic outlook of life shows happiness and unfolds the stairways to the heavenly destination. So , start seeing the world with a whole new 'eye'.

Today at a ceremony, I saw many high-achievers that really shine. This year, we have two recipients for the Anugerah Mutiara. Once, I had a thought of coming up with a real breakthrough in physics and get recognised as the most intelligent person on earth. Even more intelligent than the one and only Albert Einstein. Looking back, now only I see how naive I was once. The world is full of highly-intelligent people. We have so many child prodigies, for instance in music or Maths. How are we to judge who is more intelligent? Different individuals actually have different aspects of intelligence, as suggested by the research on "Multiple Intelligence". Well, Albert Einstein might be the cream of the crop in the Physics world. But we might be far better than him in other areas. Well, if so then who is more intelligent?

There are billions of talents out there. And even more is to come. Only at today's ceremony, there are already so many top-scorers present. How are we to be better than the rest of the world in each and every area? Perhaps, the right thing to do is to get better than what we were yesterday. And I now see it this way, I suppose. But my dream to do research and make breakthroughs never fades. I still want to create medical breakthroughs to help those suffering from illness or health conditions. Wow! I admit I am ambitious, but anything is possible.

I have my dreams. And I will work towards accomplishing these dreams.

PS: Find your way! Dream and make the dreams come true.