Sunday, 2 March 2008

They are owayz rite? Not really!

Having been as a "sales consultant" in esprit, I have met many different customers.

As I mentioned in my blog before, the customers range from old men to pretty girls, fat women to skinny young men.

situation #1
Can u get me a medium for this?
Sure, just wait a moment.

Then, I went to the store and checked for the stock..... after a long search, i found tat it's sold out.

So, i went out, planning to tell him the truth.
But then, he was gone.

I supposed that's because he didn't wanna wait. Hey! Do u think i am a computer? i sure nid time to check our stock, okey?! Even computer takes some time to load a webpage.

So, are they always right?

Situation #2
Give me an XL
hmm..... it's not suitable for me.......(she meant not big enuf)
err..... then mayb u can have a look at this. The cutting of this shirt is bigger.

then, another girl beside her said:
ei, leng zai, u shud not say cutting is bigger...... u shud say cutting is more suitable.
"omg, zadao"

haiz, i thought, i am just telling the truth. come on! face it. the truth is, you are FAT!

situation #3
this is a very common situation that happens during peak period, for example, when cny is coming.
i was busy serving a few customers.....
then some other customers still approached me and ask me things about the price. some oso asked me to take the size for them.

haiz, i was already so busy. can't you see that? can't you ask somebody else?

actually, you can ask me. but, the thing is, can you wait until i finished serving my customers on hand? can you not show a face of dislike if i ask you to wait?


these are the three situations. fortunately, now that cny passed, i feel more relaxed and free. but sometimes i feel very bored.

i also used to think that customers are always right. after all, it's customers who pay. it's customers who make your profit. it's customers who make you, or break you.

however, now that i experienced handling some difficult customers, i know that is not totally true.

customers and we are no different. we are all humans. they have the money, i know. they pay my salary, i know. but then, i have gone all out to serve them, smile at them and treat them well.

the truth is, money isn't everything.

no matter wat, i 'll take tat as a challenge.
no matter how the wind howls, the waves strike and the rain pours, i'll dare the storms, storm the challenge and challenge my limit. eventually, i'll win.

this will be a very very invaluable experience for me. thanx to the customers.

yes, at times in life, we should cast our thanks to those who have tortured us before, because that is what makes us a better person.


Lala said...

true. guess serving customers requires patience n skills? haha. esp the cerewet one. go for ur dream Wee Hoong. :)

Lala said...

ar.. it's Weng Hoong actually. sorry. =P