Friday, 18 July 2008

Genting Trip

Recently (29th June), I went to Genting Highlands with my friends and many other schoolmates whom I do not know. Actually, this trip was organised by our MUET (which stands for Malaysian University English Test) teacher, Mr Tiong. So, it was open to all students. But that doesn't reduce our fun at all during the trip.

In fact, it was the thick mist that made the trip less fun. The mist had been so thick that one couldn't even see things 5 meters away.

During the trip, I had captured many photos of myself. I even took the trouble (in fact, I troubled him...oops) to ask a favour from my Kelvin to help me take my personal photos.

don't say my hair is short..... I just had it cut the day before....

me..... (cool?)

me again......(no matter how or what you think, I think I look cool in this photo...haha)

Oops.... I just found out that I have become so obsessed with myself. Is it that I have the condition "narcissism". I just came across this word in the net. In fact, I like taking photos of my own self. But it's just that I have neither camera nor camera phones. No jokes. (Don't say I am 'zi lian kuang') This is my way of boosting self-esteem. *hahahaha....*

Five gentlemen showing their backs without an apparent reason. But we had fun!! That's perhaps the best reason on earth!

Me, half ding hang and one third siang xian. hahaha.......... (maybe they don't like being captured. lol)

From left:Issac, Ding Hang, Jun Pak and me, Weng Hoong la!! First time do I mention my real name in my blog. haha..... Apparently, Jun Pak was very shy to be captured. That's why he closed his eyes!! haha..... Then, what do you think of Issac? handsome? cool? hmm... one word that matches him perfectly: skinny. (Just like our Mr. Kah Ooi)
Then you see Ding Hang. He acted as if there's a very pretty girl in front and he was going after her, asking her to wait for a few more seconds. haha.... Me? What to describe? handsome, young and cheerful?? haha....

It's us again!! Good fun times!

Just out from the snow world. It's so fun and cold inside. If you go inside without wearing sweater or jackets or any winter clothes for that matter, you will be frozen to numbness. But it so happened that there's this guy from our school who came in with a simple t-shirt and short pants. What?! But the truth is, he came in for a short while only. I supposed he's half-frozen when he got out. What he wanted to do was to draw people's attraction. lol

That's all for my Genting trip. In short, it's fun and nice. haha.... Thanks every one for making it great!

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