Thursday, 31 July 2008


Of late, I found myself always listening to songs in youtube. And when I come across a meaningful song, I always think of sharing it in my blog.

The song embedded above is a TVB drama theme song. The song is named after the drama, Always Ready. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you can see that I am a real TVB drama fan. I do watch Korean dramas, and I did feel touched by the romance between the main characters in those love dramas. To name a few, Full House and Autumn in My Heart. But I just prefer TVB ones to Korean ones. This may be attributed to the fact that TVB dramas actually incorporate many other elements besides love and romance in the story, while Korean dramas usually revolve around the theme of love and sacrifices. Or pehaps, there's just this energy called "yuan2" between me and TVB dramas, just the this thing called "yuan2 fen4" between couples.

Oops, looks like I deviated from the topic so much.

Back to the drama. It actually shows how a team of people from GFS display their spirits, determination and courage to rescue people.

You might not be interested in their job. Nonetheless, we should learn their ways of taking life and challenges. Listen to the song and you will realise what it means by courage. It's an inspiring song that overwhelms me with courage and power every time I listen to it. Courage does not merely refer to the ability to speak publicly without stammering through one's speech. It's skin deep to define courage in such a way.

In fact, besides the courage to speak up (which is very important in these days, taking into account that it's a very much needed surviving skills in politicians), courage does mean the determination to take and brave for the challenges ahead, without being afraid of the unknown future.

Courage means the perseverance to keep fighting through our way to success without giving up. Courage means keep going with each and every battles in life, though we may lose in a few of them.

In fact, when we believe, we can succeed without other people's help. The important thing is to show courage in doing whatever we undertake. Strive for our dreams, work towards our goals, with no hesitation.

When we believe, everything is possible, except this thing called "impossibility"

PS: Do not hope for other people's help. We have to work extra hard to succeed. Take it as a challenge to train ourselves. This is the critical point where we can turn adversity into opportunity. Let's not depend on "certain" people (try to get what I mean).



chiawen said...

I can't see the clip you downloaded from youtube...T-T...My college BOD block it although we had wi-fi connection here...Yea,i like watching Korean and Hong kong dramas...But not the Taiwanese dramas...Their acting are so 'fake'...Haha, just drop by as it has been a long time since i drop by your blog(this will be my first comment for you)...^^

wilson (lee hoong) said...

thanx, chiawen! :)
Oops... too bad... that means you are not allowed to visit the youtube website?
haha... I do watch Taiwanese dramas, at times. And usually that's because the actors in the dramas are handsome or pretty. haha... Their appearances compensate for the dramas being "fake". Think so.. :P