Sunday, 31 August 2008

What's happening

Wow! It has been more than a month since I last blogged. Indeed, I have been quite busy these days, and I suppose there's more to come. Plus, I wasn't in the mood of blogging. *haha*

There have been quite some happenings last month. I was in charge of the merdeka celebration at school level. Three of my classmates were chosen to be the emcees for the event. At the end of the celebration, another fourteen of us (including emcees) - as usual - went upstage and ---------- 'laung merdeka' So patriotic of us! *hahahaha* We, the committee, luckily received compliments from the teachers. And we do deserve them!

Form 6 life had been quite hectic, especially after I spend a portion of time surfing the net and blogging. So, what I wanna say is that time management is of utmost importance. And I am learning to spend quality time....... hahahaha

I do mean it. Time management is important. All of us have 24 hours a day. Time well-spent or not, it depends solely on us. People might think it's useful to be equipped with the power to freeze time. But let's think it over. Would it really help? If you are used to procrastinating, you will carry on the bad habit and leave things undone even if you have the luxury of time. If one is addicted to playing online games, will he ever give up his addiction when he has the ability to freeze time?

Oops, it sounds as if I were writing an essay on time. You can perhaps refer to it as one of your points when writing essays.......lolz....

In conclusion, you will need time management skills unless you can be like this:

Lately, I stay back at school quite often for LPS. Having joined LPS for almost 6 years, I do feel a stronger sense of belonging to it. And it's actually good to have this feeling. It keeps my spirit alive whenever I feel down.

Speaking of feeling down, it's common to sink into depression at times. Even dogs feel down occasionally.

Have you never ever felt down before?

I remember one of my friends telling me to pour out my feelings in my blog posts. But I actually prefer another means of getting rid of bad mood - by listening to music. Seriously, different people mend their broken heart by different ways. But, try to be as cheerful as I am. Be happy always. I have heard people saying, "If a problem can be solved, no need to worry about it. If a problem cannot be solved, what is the use of worrying?" That's very true. Don't endure hardships. Enjoy them. Only this can bring you further.

Guess what? I think I am getting more obsessed with Taiwan (or Korean) romance drama. I am watching "Rolling Love' now and I find it quite interesting. I guess it touches my heart, especially because the drama reflects the inner feelings of a blind, pretty girl. The story is rather unrealistic, but it is actually these unrealistic elements that give us hope to see a revamped world, and a beautiful, shining future.

The love story in these typical dramas are usually unlikely to happen in reality, but they fill my world with hopes, and my life with 'substance'. Tshey give me the hope that I still stand a chance to experience that kind of "love chemistry". They give me the hope to make my dream come true even if they're under high unlikeliness to be real.

They motivate me to strive harder. And they touch my soul.

In fact, all sorts of possibilities rise from impossibilities. All realities rise from dreams. Every success starts with a dream to succeed!

Here's the theme song of the drama "rolling love".

This song, or this type of songs for that matter, never fails to be my driving force to achieve better results. Hope you enjoy it!

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dats reli looks lik an essay
luckily u knew it
li lee