Friday, 27 June 2008

Men's best friend

If you are a Hong Kong TVB drama fan, I am pretty sure you have heard of this drama entitled "Men's best friends".

The drama revolves around two dog owners both having a pet dog. After all the stumbling blocks in their way, love sparkles and blossoms between them. And the title of this drama actually means DOGS.

Dogs are men's best friends? I would say dogs are mens' best companions. Dogs never betray us, never cheat us, but they always stay beside us listening to our grumbles and voices. Mad dogs that bite the one who feed them are exceptional in this case.

When we are down and there's no one to lend us a pair of listening ears, we sometimes end up talking to our pet (dogs or cats). As an owner to two dogs, I do this, at times. Our pet occasionally seems to know that we are sad, and more often than not, they come near us, make a cheerful expression and make us smile.

You might not understand this, but it's true at certain time. See these:

I do not mean that we can't find a true friend that stays loyal and honest to us. But then, we are human, the species with the highest intelligence quotient. And this is in fact what makes us more self-centered than any, if not many other species. No matter how loyal our friends are to us, they can't be as loyal as a pet dog. Dogs, though not all, are willing to sacrifice their lives to save us from danger, such as during encounter with thieves or mad people. But how many friends on earth are willing to do so without asking for favour in return? Face the fact! The chance of finding one is virtually ZERO!

Perhaps, the one willing to take the stab for us when someone assaults us, is our spouse and family members. I think I shall treasure my family more than ever,and I am really sorry for quarelling with my parents on the other day then. I was in bad mood and under pressure.


You might agree that men's best friend/companion is dogs or cats after you see these:

P/S: The pictures are extracted from an incoming email message forwarded to me. That explains why they seem familiar to you.


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