Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Simply scribbling my feelings.....

We have it scientifically proven that opposite sex attractions become more prominent as we reach puberty. This is absolutely true, perhaps there is exception for those with low sex hormones concentration. lolz!!

This is a situation I have known ages ago. Many friends of mine have gone to college and got into a special relationship with the opposite gender.

As for me, I am still single, but perhaps not available so soon. I am occupied by loads of homework and the pursuit of my ambition to become a medical doctor, to get my master and even professor. My ambition is not only about treating patients in the clinic or hospital, rather, I have always wanted to join voluntary organisations to help the needy patients in countries like Africa. I always feel that material gains is not the main focus in my life. Wealth can never satisfy the needs of our souls. The spiritual satisfactions are sometimes more important than material gains. As long as we live comfortably and obtain good education, I don't mind not driving a Ferrari, not living in a bungalow, and not having abalone as weekly or even daily meals. That's my perception at the age of 18. And I certainly hope I can cling to this belief until my last breath.

On top of travelling round the world to help the needy souls, I actually want to do research work in the field of biology and medicine. Better still, I want to invent something that brings about a huge breakthrough to the medical world and win the Nobel prize. This is a dream that is not easy to come true. I sometimes doubt whether this dream is within my capabilities.

And this actually brings me to another tough question: Are there any girls on earth who can accept such a man? A man who puts so high priority on work and career.

So far, I have never seen a Malaysian win the Nobel prize (maybe there is/are such case(s), I have no idea at all). I really hope that I can make the lead and create history. But at the same time, I do not wish to sacrifice my love life.

Few days ago, we had a friend doing her presentation on whether secondary school students should fall in love and start a relationship. I think I am too occupied with my work and dreams to begin a relationship with a girl. I think I'll have to bear with this until I get into university, at least.

Love, or career? Hopefully, I can meet up my Miss Right who is willing to share my dreams.

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Jun- MAlaysian Students said...

If I managed to get in matric, I believed I can be a medical doctor. But now I am studying in Form six, so I have to work really hard. To secure a place and get your first choice in university is not easy,( I believed you have heard that our 5As students didn't managed to get medic courses in UM, they get their second choice in UKM).

However, once you success to get in U, your life will be smoother. As we knew that 60% of the marks are contributed from projects and assignments wheares 40% is come from test. So you will not be kicked out of the course even if you fail the exam ..( please clarify me if I am wrong).

Same with you, I want to join MERCY some time in the future. I was very inspired by the doctors who work day and night to save the victims of earthquake in SiChuan.

I don't think that you will have any problems to find a wife in the future . I think girls will have this problems .For your information, in my class ( the only Lower six Sc class in my school) the ratio of guys to girls is 4:18. Personally I don't think that its the girls faults if they are still single, its the boys who have low self esteem and not good enough to match the girls.

I am not discriminant the guys, some of them is really good( one of them is you) but the sad facts is most of them is not as good as the girls.Hence you don't have to worry about your marriage.Its right for you to focus on your studies now.
Anyway this is just my own opinion.

I like your post especially the one about amino acids. You teach me that Biology can be related to philosophy. Its really motivating and interesting. And the pictures in your blogs is very beautiful. I am looking forward for your new post. And thanks for spending time to read my comments.

From- Jun (Malaysian Students)