Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A look-back on 2008

Some people say it's good to do self-reflection, others think that looking back on those sad happenings would just trigger grief and sorrow in people.

A friend of mine wrote this to me before: Reminiscence brings about well-being. Indeed, there's some extent of truth in it. By doing mental playback, we can improve on ourselves, and be a better man.

2008 is a year I have gained many new experiences. It's the year we finally completed our secondary school life. It's the year I got my very first job.

My first job really sucked. Not many people know about it in fact, as I had just worked for less than 24 hours before I quit. I worked as a promoter for Maxis, and had to stand outside the shop, approach those passers-by and close sales. That's not suitable for me at all. And out of 10 people I approached, practically none was interested in listening to me. So, I was fed up with the job, and headed to Mid-valley and got myself a job.

So, there I was, as a 'Sales Consultant' in Esprit, Mid-Valley. My experiences working there? Click on this link: my previous blog post.

Or my experience handling different customers? Click here

Then, in March, I got my SPM results. It's a straight A's, not full 1A's though. Well, that's not really beyond my expectation. But definitely, I felt a bit disappointed. Anyway, I just gave it a try to apply the JPA scholarship. Got the interview. And while waiting for the result, I studied form 6. With the hope of getting the scholarship I was kind of having fun in form 6, and not really going all out. I really hoped to study overseas under the jpa scholarship. But it turned out a let-down to me.

Well, it looks like I am destined to do my form 6. It's a pre-u programme, yet life in form 6 is no different from secondary school life.

One big difference between Form 6 and college life is the people we meet. It's a whole new environment at college. Whereas form 6 life is considered sheltered, because we are in school, still bounded by those rules and regulations.

Then in June, I got my driving licence. I first had some difficulties driving manual car. But, after much struggle and effort, now I drive manual car and sometimes speed on the road. Well, it's not good to speed. haha... I got to start changing now.

Also in June, I joined a kem motivasi, 激励营. Wanna know the happenings in the kem? Click here.

Then, those installations of new board of committee for clubs and uniform bodies took place. I got myself a few positions in a few clubs. Speaking of clubs, our LPS will be under the kelab rakan pembaca next year. And that means LPS members will be able to get co-curriculum marks for attendance, other than the 6 bonus marks.

Fast forward to October, we had our end-of-year exam. And I was not really satisfied with the results.

In November, we went to Bukit Larut, a haunted hill as said by some people, to catch bugs for our biology project, which constitutes some marks in our STPM bio paper 3. We did catch quite some insects there. But the main outcome, I believe, is the true friendship we saw in times of despair. Click here to know more. The trip was literally a friendship-tester. And hopefully, we will remember for the rest of our life the good and hard times we ever had throughout the trip.

And this Monday (29/12), I had bbq with my lps friends. It's a big joy bbq-ing with them. I really enjoyed it and I mean it. haha..... Though most of them are 2 years younger than me, I think I can mingle with hem quite well. At least that's what I think, but I don't really know how they think.

Well, that's a very brief account of the happenings in 2008. 2009 is arriving in another several hours.

I have encountered quite many ups and downs in 2008. But it's the never-say-die spirit that keeps me going. I did, and do and will go on believing that if we never give up, we will eventually accomplish our dreams.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve as long as we work to achieve.

在这一年,我得了很多,也失了不少. 我学习了很多,但也忘记了不少. 不过,人不能因怕失而不去尝试获得, 因怕忘记而不去学习. 人生是个有限公司, 趁我们还有这个能力, 赶紧学我们想学的东西, 寻我们想寻的理想, 追我们想追的梦, 做我们想做的事. 人生无常, 若我们继续迟疑, 我们也许就会因此错失机会. 所以, 别再停滞不前了, 新的一年, 以新的士气, 新的精神, 展现新的自己, 迈开新的步伐向梦想前进! 加油加油!!

Say no more. You ponder on that.

PS :HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends!

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