Saturday, 24 January 2009

Some scribbles....

It's 2009!

My first blog post in this new year....

Well, it's very true that a piece of good work needs inspirations. I guess it's the same with blogging. I was actually looking for the feelings of blogging and some inspirations before I started writing this post.

One of my ways to search for thought-provoking ideas is by listening to music. These days, I listen to music quite always. Perhaps, without me knowing it, music has become a part of my life.

Now, I don't listen only to Jay Chou's songs, but I start varying the music that I enjoy. These are the few songs I like:

走火入魔 by 阿信, 叮当

Inside Your Heaven by Carrie Underwood

Try listening to the second song. A nice one.

I always feel soothed and relaxed when listening to these songs. The feeling is like my heart and soul being touched and gripped by a sense of calmness and serenity. Sometimes, a tinge of sadness mingles in the heart too.

When I feel unhappy, those songs can heal, or hurt me even more deeply. Yet, I always go on listening to those songs, without any good reasons to do so. People say all our emotions and feelings are governed by the actions of chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters in our body. That's absolutely true. However, do you want to control our emotions artificially using chemical injections? Do we want to stop the natural control of our feelings. If we use chemical to control everything from our illnesses to even our feelings and intelligence, is there any difference then, between humans and robots, except that we are made of real flesh while they are created from metals? Or should we label ourselves as robotic humans? Science has got explanations and theories for thousands and thousands of things. But these theories are not necessary to put to practice.

Theories are not discovered to be misused. Inventions are not created to be abused. Just like the case of discovering radioactivity. People misuse it in atomic and nuclear bomb. Is this the things and effects we want to see from the advancement of technology? Is this the way things should be? What has become of the world we are living in? The environment is bad, the people are not as good as the previous generations are.

We don't have the power to turn back clock, but we can always make a U-turn and head back to the right tracks in life. You can get diverted from the mainstream, but don't get off what you think is right in your heart and soul.

Well, I am sorry to have written so many things. These come out from a sudden thought of mine. Perhaps, this is the good thing about blogging. You can 'type' your thought freely.

Upper 6 life is getting busier. I had been very much on the go weeks ago finishing our group assignment. That's the first time I truly felt the hectic life in Form 6. It's like facing waves of tsunami that time. I stayed up till 1.30am in my friend's house to complete the assignment. I fell sick and still attended school, because I didn't want to miss classes. I joked to keep my spirits up, talked nonsense so as to alleviate the uncomfortable feelings, and laughed to get rid of sleepiness. Yet, some said I have taken steroids. Well, I have got no comment on that.

Be life-confident. That's what our MUET teacher told us. Be confident in what we undertake. No doubt, confidence is the element that we need in order to bring the best out of us. To build confidence, first feel confident, and think of being confident. This brings us to the law of attraction. If you think you can, you are generating a frequency saying 'I CAN' to the cosmic universe. The frequency is then amplified and transmitted back to you. And you will manage to do what you wanna do.

Though life is hectic now, this is the opportunity for me to learn and pick up skills. It's the time to train my endurance, sharpen my abilities and polish my skills. It's a challenge to embrace. A challenge to take. And I would say, "Let's get down to it. Bring it on!" I will come through this challenge, be a better man, hold my head high and realise my dreams.

Because I believe, I achieve!

PS: Be life-confident! Be the only one! Just do it!


Anonymous said...

hello im siew jin, an undergraduated spm result is 10As 1B.i wonder wats ur comment for form6? wat i knew is form 6 has changed their system.Is like term by term as wats doin in university starting year 2009.i prefer tis system but i have applied for local confused of choosing 1 of them.however,i haven't received any confirmation from matric and i dunno why the website can't check for matric i mean whether i have been choosen.can u help me out?well,if can can u give me ur msn so tat i can contact u.thx.

lee hoong said...

Hi, siew jin. Well, I am sorry for the late reply. I am not sure if the system in Form 6 will change. Anyway, here're some comments on Form 6:

The thing with Form 6 is that the syllabus is much wider and the questions are quite tough. But if you work consistently hard, you will be able to do well in Form 6. Studying Form 6 gives you another 2 years to stay in a sheltered environment. You are basically not exposed to the 'outside world' and those negative influences if you study Form 6. You can choose either government unis or private unis after STPM.

On the other hand, if you study matric, you will get to enter government unis more easily. But the thing is, private institutions do not recognise matric students, if not mistaken. And one thing good about studying matric is that it saves you almost a year's time.

So, good luck!