Friday, 30 January 2009

This while, I get interested in playing with words and coming up with some meaningful sentences. I usually put those sentences as my MSN display message. Anyway, those messages are quite meaningful and thought-provoking, hopefully it may inspire you.

Every one of us dreams of possessing this thing called 'happiness'. Some think they can only be happy after they get to the peak, others enjoy the process and get happy through the journey. Well, let's see....

If happiness could be formulated, I want to be the one to discover the formula. But we all know it very well that this formula cannot be devised. It varies from one to another.

In fact, the formula to being happy has long existed, yet is hidden in our heart.

We ourselves are the formula.

It's not that tough to be happy and stay happy.


Open up your heart and look around. Happiness is always in the air, if we feel it with all our heart and soul.

A chipped glass does not seem to be chipped if we look at it from another angle.

Just change our perception, and we will see before us a whole new world.

No matter how happy or sorrow we feel, life remains there to live. So, why not live life happily? Take on whatever challenge there is in life with a smile from the bottom of our heart, and we will smile and shine through adversity.

寻寻觅觅,兜兜转转,其实幸福就在眼前。 做人癫一癫,笑一笑,幸福快乐永远围绕你。

与其苦着脸过生活, 不如笑度人生吧!

While you are reading the following, do listen to this song.

很多人都在期待现实中出现虚幻的童话。 也有不少人殷勤地希望能看到人间的天堂。 就连歌曲也有唱出对童话跟天堂的盼望。 或许一首歌能惊醒梦中人,抑或激起人们心中的火种。

但也许很多人都忘了,其实童话与天堂一直都在我们心中。 童话不曾放弃我们,只不过是我们遗忘了它。天堂一直跟随我们,只不过是我们把双眼望得太高太远,只看见遥不可及的天堂,心中的天堂却视而不见。

就算世界没有童话,心中的童话从不消逝。 就算世界没有童话,让我们创造童话吧。童话般的现实,不是遥不可及,而是近在眼前。静心体会,就会感觉到心中的童话了。





依然是那句,加油加油! 勇敢地去发掘心中的童话,心中的天堂吧!

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