Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Went watching a movie and got inspired

This Monday, 15th December 2008, I went to jusco with my LPS friends after our duty in the library. In fact, we are not really on duty. haha... as we spent more time chatting.

Hey, mind you, chatting is necessary to maintain a friendship. Humans do need communications after all. *I am getting better at crapping~~lol~~ss*

So, after everyone reached the school, we closed the library and as usual, I had to be the driver. A driver who charge no transportation fees to those passengers. Believe me, this kind of good, generous drivers nearing extinction on this earth. kakaka....

We were going to watch a movie there. The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The movie would start on 2.20pm, but it's already 2 when we arrived. And what's more, we had not had our lunch. WHAT?! haha.. You did not get me wrong. A few of them had actually eaten at home: Jiun Shyan, Vin Roy and Jaclyn. But since the majority of us had not, so we were going to have our meal at KFC first after buying 10 tickets for the 2.20pm session.

I ordered a colonel chicken rice combo, which cost me RM 9.25. And this price had not included the tax. Wow... One of my red note was going to be gone.

When we entered the cinema, it's already 2.40. I missed the advertisements. What?! I was actually very keen on watching those advertisements that usually came before a movie was played, because I seldom got to step into a cinema. Well, I missed it. lol.. I was just crapping....

Ok, we did really miss the beginning of the movie. So, when I had just sat down watching, I had no idea at all of what the movie was about.

Luckily, the opening of the movie was not that important. I managed to understand the movie after a moment.

Well, the movie was not really PACKED with ACTIONS. But it's a very inspiring movie for me.

The movie was to raise the people's awareness to save the earth before the earth comes to an end.

It reminds us of our responsibilities to protect the earth.

It reminds us to change before we reach the end of the world.

Here's a sentence from the movie: People usually change on the verge of a crisis.

But, the fact is, must we change only when crisis is before us? Why must we always wait until the last minute? Why can't we take the initiative and make the change in us?

Yes, when the earth ends, the human civilization ends as well. So, change when we still have the chance.


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