Wednesday, 3 December 2008


The rules:- Link to your tagger and post these rules. List (5) random facts about yourself and tag (5) people

Random facts
1. I am on holiday now.
2. I often go online this holiday.
3. I am currently doing my Form 6 in SMK Kepong Baru.
4. I am rather optimistic and sunshine. Is this a fact? But at least, I am trying to be so. hehe...
5. I have killed many innocent insects just to complete my biology project. I do feel a tinge of guilt, but I will work hard to contribute to biology in future and make their sacrifices worthwhile.

I don't have anyone in mind to tag... sry~~

About me
Name : Lee Weng Hoong
Name you wish you had : Lee Weng Hoong (I am proud having this name...haha)
What do normally people make mistake of your name? : The 'Hoong' in my name is sometimes pronounced as 'hong', instead of the 'hoong'
Birthday : 14 Jan
Birthplace : In the hospital.
Time of Birth : Forgotten (does it matter anyway? haha)
Single or Taken : wanted but not taken... haha... jus kidding.. still single la..
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

My Appearance
How tall are you : around 179 cm
Wish you were taller: hope to reach 180
Eye color : black
Eye color you want : black (I am proud with my eye colour)
Natural Hair color : black
Current Hair color : also black
Short or long hair: short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : nope
Feeling dramatic with your hair : of course! I feel good with it..
Glasses or contacts : glasses
Do you wear make-up : I am a guy, so nope. haha (I think make-ups are for those metrosexual guys)
Ever had hair extensions : what's hair extension? But anyway, I guess no
Paint your nails : never and never will

In the opposite gender
What color eyes : black, perhaps?
What color hair : same answer as above
Shy or Outgoing : A balance between these two
Sexy or Cute : dono.. i just know that she will drive me crazy and my heart thump crazily fast
Serious or Fun : fun, but not too fun..
Older or Younger than you: age is not an obstacle in true love
A turn on: no comment...
A turn off : no comment...

This or that
Flowers or Chocolates : Chocolates
Pepsi or Coke : none of them, coz I choose 100 plus
Rap or Rock : both as long as it's nice (can I take both?)
Relationship or One night stand : Relationship of course!
Work or School : School for the time being, maybe I'll change my answer in future..
Love or Money : oops, I don't care. I'll take both
Movies or Music : BOTH
Country or City : Don't really understand this question..
Sunny or Rainy days : sunny days... I like feeling sunshine...haha

Have you ever
Lie : Where on earth can we find someone who has never lied in their lives? Exclude babies in this question. (in fact, many babies do lie!)
Stole something: yupe
Smoked : never
Hurt someone close to you : I think yes


Flower : maybe rose? but rose has got many colours....
Candy: no special liking for certain candy
Song : it always changes according to my mood, so no point telling you...
Scent : dao4 xiang1? haha...just kidding.. I have no idea..
Color : blue for now
Movies: don't have
Singer : jay chou, perhaps..
Word : too many to be mentioned...
Junk food : no idea..
Website : my blog >>; youtube
Location: dubai, paris, hawaii, china, korea, japan, and the list goes on...
Animal : dogs

Ever cried over someone : I think yes
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : my confidence and abilities. But I don't wish, I will work it out. haha...
Do you think you're attractive : Why not? (This is not an example of narcissism, ok?)
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: no idea.. perhaps, snow white? I'll be the prince...haha
Do you play any sports: absolutely yes!

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