Saturday, 29 November 2008

Memories in Bukit Larut....

Good times are there to recall and cherish. And the trip to Bukit Larut is truthfully one of the best moments I had throughout my life in SMKB. This trip is a memory to be kept for the rest of my life.

All smiles and ready to go for our destination >>>>>

Around 4 hours after that, we reached taiping! Then, waited for another bus and went to Fang Jayne's grandparents' house.


4 quite-handsome guys posing their smiles, but I have no idea why ding hang close his eyes...

weee = victory
smile = happiness
we smile! Cheering our friendship forever!

forever friends!


our finger-licking good dinner.... cooked by the four of us in this photo!

feeling sunshine...

PS: When I see this post one day in future, I will recall all those smiles and nice memories! Friendship always remains despite not seeing each other....

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