Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Wow, I have been going through ups and downs in these few days, beginning from the very first day of my trip to Bukit Larut on last Sunday till yesterday.

We (the 6B1 students) went to Bukit Larut to catch bugs for our Biology project. But, the truth is we spent more time playing......haha... and guess what, that's absolutely normal for us!

We started walking uphill on Saturday, after a night stay at Fang Jayne's grandma's house. According to scheduled time, we should have started our journey uphill on around 9am, but due to the jeep competition held by the government, our departure time was delayed to 3.30pm. OMG!

I had never thought about the problems that might arise due to the delay until I came to know that the walk uphill took a very long time. I actually heard that from the people who walked downhill. As time went by, my worry grew larger. I was afraid it would be dark before we managed to reached the peak.

And the worst thing to know was.... the journey is of 10km distance. WHAT?!

Everybody was exhausted even before we walked halfway. This was partly due to the fact that we had to carry a small bag (the large bags that contained our clothes were carried uphill by a trailer) with us.

Along the journey, I kept encouraging my friends. Don't get shocked - I sang at some points of my journey, hoping that this will energise them.

Soon, darkness fell and we were still far from destination. We had to use torchlight. We walked together, stopped and rested together, because at this point, we knew everything had to be done TOGETHER.

Among us, there were some who suspected that we went on the wrong direction. One of my friends said she was afraid there were some spooky things that made us circle around the same place. Wow, that's real eerie. But luckily she told me after the journey. I was very optimistic to assure them that we were indeed on the right track.

In fact, under such circumstance, where you are extremely tired and the journey ahead seemed to be never ending you will feel that hope is frail. Some of us did feel so. They began to lose hope. But we never gave up. We walked and rested a while, and resumed our walk. I told myself that I must keep going. I must have very strong mental power. And I then recalled a saying from Napoleon Hill, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Finally, in complete darkness, I am proud to say that we saw light. For me, it's the very first time in my life that I feel so strongly with the saying "There's light at the end of every tunnel". Indeed, we saw the light. Tears came out from my eyes. I was very relieved. And I was all the more proud with our achievement.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We saw true friendship in this situation. Those weaker ones were helped by their physically tougher friends. This is true friendship, friends who help and encourage each other in times of difficulties.

If not for this tiring walk, we would not have bonded together. If not for the darkness we were in, we would not have enjoyed such a beautiful city view at night. There's always blessing in every adversity that we face. This is very true and now I had personally experienced that.

I felt it's worth exhausting myself to walk uphill because I got to enjoy the beauty of the nature and the cool weather there. And I got to do all that with a group of true friends. All these really made my walk and tiredness worthwhile.

I have seen true friendship, and I am very proud of 6B1. Thanks all of you for giving me such a nice memory, especially when I was walking uphill.



---Kaichi@tham--- said...

Wah...y didnt say u cook de food too ugly and taste bad de ?? haha...summore u sing ??? haiz... your classmates so cham...wakakaka

lee hoong said...

the food we cooked is reli tasty de la, it's all finished, u know?

And my singing is not bad actually, if compared to my other classmates....hmm.... haha...