Friday, 19 December 2008

Be happy!

These few days, I got stuck in some problems. Those problems outwitted me before this. I was totally confused and puzzled in my own thinking. Perhaps, it's simply because I think too much. And I have been quite bored these days at home. My mind was thus occupied by unnecessary and complicating thoughts.

I was quite upset and feeling down these few days, especially yesterday. I can't get myself out of the bewilderment set by my own self. I was completely blank and clueless. CLUELESS!

But, today I have been able to untie the knot in my heart. I am off all those puzzles. I am free from all those stuff. haha... I am really glad to blog about this. I do want to shout out loud, laugh out loud and do everything a happy man will do. The feeling is so good and different from my feelings yesterday.

It's after I played basketball with my 5K classmates that I realised this "happiness". In fact, it's very simple to be happy. Just --------- BE HAPPY!!!


The key to being happy is to think happy and be happy.

Your emotions and feelings are largely governed by your thinking. So, do not think about the things that upset you. Look back on some cheerful events and the fun you ever had. Look for something to do and be focused on the task.

We want to turn grief to joy, frowns to smiles and cry to laughter. But it depends on us to do that. So, get up and move on happily.

There are many other meaningful questions for us to ponder on. Why spoil our day by thinking of those problems. Especially for teenagers, we tend to reflect on the relationship with our friends over and over again. Or perhaps, some will consider their love problems. Don't think too much, the best solution is to work it out (but only after a little bit of consideration on the way to handle the problem...haha).

Listen to some cheerful songs when feeling down.

The following song for example:

Here's a saying: "If a problem can be solved, then don't worry about it; if a problem can't be solved, what's the use of worrying?"

No doubt, we often worry as long as we haven't worked out a problem. That's very normal. But, try not to get too worried of it. Instead of uselessly consuming energy on worrying, why not utilise our energy to think about the solution and do some prayers, so that the problems can be fixed well? Do remember to turn to our own GOD when we encounter some tough obstacles.

A nature's law is that we reap what we sow. We take what we give. Our sincerity and effort would pay off certainly, perhaps in an imperceptible way.

So, when we really give what it takes, we would, in one day, take back what we have given.

Have you smiled today?

Be happy!!

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