Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Just saw an unusual phenomenon... Wow!

That was indeed a memorable day!

It's this monday, 1st of December 2008.

It's the day when I saw very unusual sky phenomenon...

"Go out and see the moon now, got something interesting" This was the sms I received on around 8.30pm that day.

Without doubting if my friend was trying to fool me, I went out of the house and saw the moon. Initially, I wasn't able to see anything interesting. Just the moon. But then, not long after, I saw the bigger picture.

The moon was smiling at me!

Wow... I had got mixed feelings.

The next day, I came to know that the smiling moon was actually caused by the moon, and the planet Jupiter and Venus that aligned to form the smiley. The Jupiter and Venus formed the two eyes of the smiley, whereas the moon made up the charming smile. It's really.... breathtaking scene. 'Wow' is not enough!!

I actually went out to gaze at the smiling moon twice. The second time I saw it, I made my wishes in front of the smiling moon. haha....

(Listen to this song when reading the following. It adds some 'touching' effects.)

The wishes I made were not to be forgotten. I still remember them, and will keep them in my mind. They are not merely wishes. They are my dreams, dreams that I will strive to fulfill. I have stated my dreams in front of such an unusual phenomenon, and I believe that I will have the inconceivable power, drive and energy to accomplish my dreams.

The moon, Jupiter and Venus are three different things. Jupiter and Venus are planets, but moon is not. And surprisingly, it happened that they came together to form a charming and mesmerizing smiley.

And it's even more surprising that, we, in another planet called the Earth, had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gaze at such a great phenomenon.

I would rather define this as a miracle. A miracle that happened in reality.

A miracle that gives us hopes when hopes are frail.

This miracle promises us that we will see more miracles to come, if we never give up and we keep fighting till the end.

Mathematicians know how not probable it is for these three different things to arrange into a smiley. And it's nearly impossible for us to really see this phenomenon. But in the past, there were a cluster of people called the 'astrologists' who had never thought about those impossibilities. They just believed. Believed in miracles. Miraculously and successfully, they saw what they had believed in. And they since then found out that this unusual phenomenon happens every 44 years.

Because of them, we saw this miracle. And we'll start to believe in miracles.

Miracles always happen to those who believe in them
. In times of desperation, never ever abandon hope. Try to recall what we have experienced so far. Remember the miracle of seeing a smiling moon. Be patient when we face any crisis, believe in miracles, because miracles are going to happen.

PS: If the moon, jupiter and venus can come together as a smiley, any miracles can happen when we believe and try.

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