Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thought-provoking with exams and pressure

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Exam is finally over! Finally, the stress is off for the moment.

We should feel very relaxed and happy. We should enjoy the feeling after exam, when we have the freedom to surf the net, chat online and play computer games until late at night. The most important point is that we do not need to worry about studying.

This is what many people normally feel the second right after they submit their answer sheets on the last day of exam.

Ironically, some of us feel 'hollow' after exam. We can do anything we enjoy doing, but we have nothing to do....

Is this the right attitude we should possess?

Is exam really that stressful?

Do we study for exam? I thought we should study for self-interest and knowledge? Which is right? I do not know....

It seems that I myself study for exam too... Many of us study only when exam is around the corner, and me included. And why is it that we feel the pressure and burden when we sit for exam? Why is it that our hearts always beat faster and stronger when we face exam?

"The purpose of exam is to gauge our understanding of a topic", we are told so. But, it happens to me that scoring good grades in exam does not mean you have fully understood a certain topic. Failing an exam doesn't mean you know nothing about a topic.

When there's exam, a marking scheme comes into play. When this transpires, rigidity in our education system happens. We have to write all the keywords in exam so as to ensure that we fulfill the criteria of getting an 'A' in a subject.


English language is so wide. Do we have only one single or several words to describe a process, or a physiological reaction that takes place in our body?

What are we learning? Keywords? or knowledge?

I have no better solution in mind other than abolishing the exam marking scheme. And would that ever happen? That's a good question to ponder on.

Next, PRESSURE. Why do we feel so tensed up during exam? Why can't we take exam as a usual practice that we do in class? Is it because of the exam-oriented society? Is that because everything on earth seems to be in favour of those with high paper qualification?

Perhaps, it's our own fault. We ourselves placed so high priority in exam that we failed to bring the best out of us. Perhaps, we are the culprit of our own failure. We are the ones who know best.

We are always on high alert if there's any enemy around. But we failed to identify the biggest enemy in us. Recognising and overcoming our inner 'enemy' takes tremendous amount of effort. But it can be achieved if we set our heart and soul to attain it!

Napoleon Hill once said, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

It's not that we are not capable of doing something. It's just that some might take longer time to complete the same task. Believe in ourselves. Forget about the pressure when we do anything. Just do our best and leave the rest to our God. It's never easy to do this, but it is not impossible.

A simplified version of Napoleon's saying, "When we believe, we can achieve."

PS: Go! Go! Go! We can achieve it!

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