Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sabah trip was really fun (2)

Well……… my second destination in sabah is Pulau Mabul. I believe tat many of u dunno abt the island. However, not being well-known doesn’t mean being not good. To tell u the truth, I reli enjoyed myself very much at the island. Perhaps, the nite at the island is the most enjoyable nite out of our six nites spent in sabah.

To reach pulau mabul, one has to go to semporna first. And then from there, he has to proceed to the island on kind of a speedboat. But if u wan an alternative way, u can jump into the sea and swim across to the pulau……. Or if u r rich enuf, u can jus take a plane n fly to the pulau.

For us, we took a bus to semporna. The journey was estimated to take 8 hours but surprisingly, we used only 5 hrs to reach semporna. I m not sure y this could happen, it’s simply a miracle. Mayb some “F1 driving skills” went into the bus driver and enable him to drive at such high speed……on the highways. Reli damn incredible!! Fortunately, we are still punching n kicking. The journey took place at night. N guess wat? We slept in the bus too. To be honest, spending my nite there was reli uneasy for me, coz I had the feeling of throwing up and I couldn’t sleep well, in spite of the fact tat the bus is spacious and fully air- conditioned. We being early was not a good thing coz we still had to wait until morning arrived. Transport to the pulau is not available at midnite. It’s at tis time and in this place tat I felt reli uncomfortable and sick. The sea breeze was not a good one. It carried a salty feeling. The 3 hrs seemed like a long wait for me. Haiz…….

At tat point of our trip, I was thinking of going home ASAP(as soon as possible). Fortunately, things changed and my wait was worth it. As I was on the speedboat speeding across the sea, I felt alright again and was so delighted!! Those city folks who’d never ride a speedboat b4 will ure feel wat I felt!!! It’s true, man!!

When we reached there, we’re rather disappointed by the so-called chalet we would stay in. wanna ask u a Q, hv u ever stayed in a room chalet wif no air-conds, no tv and only beds and a fan, when u r on a vacation?? Tat was hard, real hard for us to accept. I was in fact not reli bothered by the bad accommodation coz I prefer having no air-conds.

Anyway, our dissatisfaction was soon replaced by fun n laughter. We’re playing water polo in the water.
One person will hold the ball at one time. And then he has to throw it to the appointed person. It’s quite difficult to tell how it works, but in short, we reli had fun. Tat time it’s raining, and we’re not bothered at all. We didn’t care if we got sick…. I m not bothered oso, since this was my first exp playing in the rain. Hey, it’s reli my first experience le!!! First exp, u noe?? First time in life!!

But it was reli spine-chilling when we walked back. The cool wind that blew over our drenched body was making us shivering. After the play, I had a slept. Luckily, I didn’t get sick. but some1 got…… haiz….

Onr thing reli worth sharing wif u guyz is tat the workers of a restaurant jus beside our chalet had made their kind of music band and their drums are made of the plastic rubbish bin and some other materials. Their musical instrument r not very modern, but they can sing very well and they oso sang modern songs. One of them is “a better man” by Robbie Williams and some songs by linkin park….. cool man!!

At nite, after havin dinner at the restaurant mentioned jus nw, we sang to our heart’s content. It’s party time!!! We reli high “fan tian”(Chinese). Jia yieh, Nelson and I bcame the male version of SHE when we volunteered ourselves to sing first using the mike. How yip oso showed his singing kills…..by singing his jay chou’s songs. The band was the one who played guitar to match our songs. They dunno abt the songs, yet they’re able to play out the music to match our songs. They are reli friendly and geng!! I actually like to sing, n my fan is jay chou….oops….no I mean idol. I m not crazy abt him but if u reli wan me to list an idol, it might b jay chou. Coz he’s the singer I like and admire most. Here I wanna promote a bit la. Though he cant sing clearly, his songs are very nice to listen to. And the verse is well-written. Singing not clearly has bcum his style tat symbolizes jay chou. If u dun believe me, try listening to his songs. They r all very catchy!! I oso like jay chou himself. He’s got a unique personality…yeah, tat’s rite!!

This nite of singing and having fun is the most unforgettable time in sabah, according to many of us. Then, the next morning, we had a good swim in the sea. I dunno swimming, so I jus looked at them and saw how they enjoyed themselves. But then, their fun and their all smiles on their faces enticed me into the sea without bothering the fact tat I dunno swimming. I tried to resist the tempting sea but I finally admitted defeat. Aiyo, then the “first experience” reason came into my mind and I asked for a life vest from the ppl there. Then without thinking and calculating the probability tat I’ll get drowned, I jus “down sea”(pls translate directly). I suppose the probability for me to get drowned is very small (<0.0001) gua…., coz I was having fun and ntg bad happen at all. I even learned swimming but I still couldn’t master it. My frenz all said tat I m very scared and a bit coward….. haiz….of coz I’ll feel scared la….. I dunno swimming de le…I dun even noe balancing in the water….i noe tat I was wearing life vest…. But what if a wave striked and brought me away?? Tat’s rite, accident can happen to anyone although the probability for it to happen is very small. In fact, I was oledi very brave to “down sea”. Haha!!!

Abt 3pm, we all departed back to semporna on the speedboats. Then, we stayed 3 days 2 nites in semporna (the resort’s name is dragon inn). After tat, we continued to stay 2 days 1 nite in tawau. After tat, we flie back to KL on airasia’s plane………..

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