Friday, 11 January 2008

the second chance works

mr yong is bad, terrible! change him....
i oso think tat he reli sucks......but i decided to give him a second chance

today(11 jan), he drove his kancil and got me to the manjalara husing area again!

well, this's my second driving lesson....i chatted wif him-my driving teacher, though i never like him. he taught me some "basic skills" which're used for instance, during traffic jam...and some more, but these r not main point!

wat's more important,

he kept pouring me cold H2O and criticising me, saying i m not good, although i dun think so!
"u ah, learn very slowly..."
"ei, ur legs got problems ah?"
"i tell u ah, other young ppl all learnt very quick, u so slow!"
"i think u need to learn 100 hrs la!"

wat the(times ten to the power of infinity)

and then, he kept xplaining things to me in his "old man language". i cant even understand him at times. so, i asked him.
"u dunno ah? very cha la u!!"
such impatient tat he is!

wat's more... he cant reli teach well. if i cant understand him well, how the hell can i learn?

he said, the chong hwa students all very slow.. hey, EXCUSE ME, THEIR BRAINS WORK MUCH MUCH FASTER THAN YOURS!! i dun think u hv da chance to step into chong hwa!

wat's more.... erm... perhaps no more, but is tat not enuf?

he reli sucks. my sis said many elderly teachers suck like he sucks. but i wont change him, i'll take tis as a challenge

i'll prove to him tat i m not slow! hey, u better look out on the road, i'll overtake u, in da future! i'll b tough!

PS: the mr yong doesn't speak english wif me, not even broken english. i dun think he can speak so. ng mei thin oso had the same fate as me...haha. to view her "terrible start" blog, pls click here.


cheawen said...

wuakaka .
MISTER CUTIE ar , u REALLY want giv him second chance ar ?!
oh u are so so so kind .
u take it as a challenge ?!
i see i see .
first i think like that also delo .
then ar, cant tahan liao .
he really SHITTY .
i changed to MICHAEL .
if .. (i said if) u want change instructor, change to MICHAEL, he's good .


whlee said...

okok..... i will seriously consider ur suggestion de....
if i reli cant tahan him, i'll change...
anyway, thanx for ur advice....
from, mister qt..

mt said...

yo brother....
u mean this time works eventhough he's not gud at teaching?????
u mean this time works eventhough he scolds u like tht???
u mean u can still bear with him for another few hours????

i dunno wat more to say.....
but BEST OF LUCK.....

whlee said...

haiz, now reli dunno wat to do, if i got scolded n changed..... it sounds like i m sooooo...... timid...but i'll seriously reconsider my options...
but now, i wanna focus on my work
2moro start work ady!
jus see how.... haha, b happy