Monday, 14 January 2008

13 jan- my thought changed

all this while... i had been thinking of being a doctor.....

but it's after this tat i changed my perception.

i found tat being a doctor cant reli giv me da space n room i nid to do research.... in fact, i m interested in doing research on the medical side, perhaps, finding vaccines and cures for diseases...... wow, how great if i did it.

i found tat studying bio-medical science enables me to do tat, but a bio-medical science grad cant treat ppl, he can oni do research.....

i wanna treat sick ppl at the same wat shud i study?

but, i think i'll study medicine if given a choice, coz if u r outstanding and have brilliant ideas, watever u study can lead u to doing research and development.

my point is: b4 this, i was very overwhelmed wif being a medical doctor, but now, i hv opened more of my doors and windows. i m seeing light and sparkling star at nite.

no matter wat, i'll try my best to discover new things tat shock da bio and medical world! i'll go all out!

Ps 1: actually, da thing tat changed my thought is the 2 ppl at the star edu fair, one from IMU and the other from, i suppose u hv never heard of tis name, Nirwana college. u can visit ooi hui qin's and ng mei thin's blog for details on the edu fair. v went there together wif some other frenz.

Ps 2: i nw hv an answer to my question "can i see my future"(click for more info). the answer is "YES"!!

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