Monday, 14 January 2008

12 jan- the rocking nitezz

this is my first roking, real roking nite!

in these 18 yrs of my life, i neva had this experience.

at a place called Central Park Avenue, bside 1U, the sky rocked n shook wif blasting music.......

it's the 8tv rocking concert. kin yung n i went there....onli da 2 of us. it's kind of weird, 2 men going out.....haha

b4 the concert began, v went around the stalls...there's a carnival where the programmes hosts showed themselves 2 play wif the crowd.
dylan, the "8tv hunter" played animals guess wif us.....participants r blinfolded. they hv to guess da animls they r touching on.
gary, the famous host, played X-games. 1 group 2 ppl, 1 make movements n gestures, da other guess wat it means.
many other games............ but...........i didn't take part in. 2 bad!

8.30-it's party time!!

john was the first 2 sing.......
there was a john fans club members standing beside us...... real faithful fans!
the crowd was shouting, yelling
i dun wanna b extraordinary there...... so i joined the crowd n yelled wif them
let's get HIGH!

the hosts made the nite even HIGH-er,
"can v hear ur noise?!"
"guyz, make noise, shout ur hearts out!"
"let's party non-stop!"

WOW, the hosts r gd. it's a waste of opportunity if i dun shout out then...... shouting helps u destress!
when u r stressful, LOLX! or, SOL!

SOL=shout out loud!!

many singers took turn to perform. they're henley,meisim,desiree,orange,victor,alan n JNK. (this's a useless info if u neva watched 8tv, coz they're 8tv singers, not international singers, not very well-known.)

JNK n alan reli almost made me leave the earth's surface n leap to the highest point!

but i did not do tat, coz the crowd was not doin so!

on the concert, i came to noe this D.O.M ... desiree, orange n meisim, haha....looks like they jus formed the band! jus kidding, dey r jus kidding!

10.30-the concert ended.
abt 11-we went hom.

Ps 1: i did get high. jus high, not irrational. getting high sumtimes is not a bad ting. it helps u destress!!
Ps 2: i didn't have any cameras, i couldn't take any photos.
Ps 3: i was actually prepared to b captured by the cameraman, did u see me on screen?

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