Thursday, 3 January 2008

Sabah trip was really fun (1)

Before the r-l day arrived, I was really excited and looking forward to it. I could not wait for the time to pass seconds by seconds. Finally after a long wait……………. this r-l day arrived!! Hooray!! I woke up early in the morning and went to the gathering place: school and waited for the departure of our rented, grand, air-conditioned-but-still-feel-hot bus to LCCI airport. I actually thought we were going to KLIA. But looking at this not-less-equipped-than-KLIA airport, I was able to chase that little disappointment out of my heart and soul. However, I never anticipated the following: we had to wait more than 2 hours before we could step and take a look at the airasia plane. What’s more, the airplane is definitely not as spacious as I thought. Again, this was the disappointment that I had to deal with.

As the plane was leaving off the land, I was chewing my purposely-brought-from-home sugar so that the sweetness can induce the secretion of saliva from my salivary glands. I’ve heard that swallowing saliva can prevent our ears from having the sucked feelings due to the difference in pressure when the plane is soaring up high (oops….. I am sorry if you guyz dun like biology things, hope I dun bore you, haha………… laugh out loud, plzzzzz……….) In fact, there is a reason why I make all these “sugar and saliva” preparation. See, I’ve told you, there must be wind that causes the waves, rite?? Because I had real damn tough times with my sucked ears when I took a flight to Sarawak last time when I was in standard five. I had suffered up to 6 hours of partial deafness before my ears got fully “unsucked”. I was totally not happy with that sucked ears. So I should really know the misery and suffering experienced by deaf ppl. U might say that they are used to their way of living…….but, if they ever had the chance to hear, would they let it go?? Speaking of deafness, I am now thinking of organ donation. If the people sign for the organ donation slips which allow their organs to be donated to the needy after their deaths, then I am sure more lives would be saved. And the world would be a better place to live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Action speaks louder than words, yes I know that. And I already made my promise that I will sign the organ donation slip. That’s how a not-very-rich guy can do his part to save lives, I suppose ^_^ :) wat liao, looks like this is certainly far away from my topic today…….sory…..(in fact, I already regard blog as my diary, I would write anything I think I should write)

Back to topic, I was feeling so great…… so nice…………. when the plane take me along to soar in the sky. I felt the pleasure of flying. And I made a wish that I would have a very bright and sparkling future. Just like the plane that was soaring, I hope that I will soar in my life and stand out in the world. I also made my wish to become a doctor in the future. In fact, I had mixed feelings on the plane. I felt that mankind is- in spite of being the most intelligent animal in the world- so belittled and unimportant in front of the nature. Yes, I cant deny the truth that man had made very big discoveries and invention. Isaac Newton had discovered gravity and the laws of motion, Albert Einstein had discovered the theory of relativity. But……………….. all these are just mere discoveries created by the Nature. After all, we are just some little creations of Nature. This is how I felt that day plus some of my feelings in the mean time. Believe me, this is purely my opinions and there is no any religious element in it.

Guess what now, the flight took abt 2 hours and I found my ears in normal conditions after the plane landed off. Great……. and relieved………

We arrived at kota kinabalu (KK) first. We were oledi tired and then we had to walk and walk around to look for some foods. In fact we were walking around the same place…….. dun ask me y, coz we were just following pn normah and her husband. After we checked in, we went to a place like central market. This special market sells no foods, but only souvenirs and creations. They are really expensive, I tell you. Eventually, we didn’t buy anything. There was still 1 hr to wait before we can go coz normah told us to walk around the “market” until 5.30(if not mistaken). But we ended up in a quite grand hotel to cool ourselves in the air-conditioned lobby.

We had ikan bakar and some other bakar foods as our dinner. It was rather fun, coz I had never had such dinner. This was the first day. My r-l day ended like that, cool man!!

The next day, we visited the foot of mount kinabalu and took many photograph there. As usual, the pair of u-know-who couple( both oso prefects) walked together, seemingly inseparable. Wao, so lovely, but u know, I am never jealous or envious of that. We also immersed ourselves in the hotspring which has sulphur contents. I felt just nice and warm immersing my legs into the hotsprings, but I dare not put the whole body under water, coz the hotspring water is not as clean as u think.

Finally, about 7 pm or so, we packed our things and began our journey to pulau mabul. We did not take whole luggage there but we had to pack the needed things into our snall bag packs. I was really unfortunate coz I did not know that we had to bring along a bag packs……………….. oh shit….!!!

But after all the nice sceneries of the mount kinabalu and the pleasure soaking in hotsprings and more importantly, the fun we had together, I felt not disappointed at all. All the disappointment I mentioned just now had gone, ALL GONE. Yeah!!

This was our first destination in sabah: KK. We spent only 2 days 1 nite here, nope, I mean, there.

I'll tell u more abt the following 2 destinations in sabah in another blog post. Wait for it!!

Ps: Wanna know what is r-l day?? Red letter day!!!! Haha….. be happy!!

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