Wednesday, 2 January 2008

There must be wind that causes the waves

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 TO ALL OF YOU!!!! it's a whole new year wif a whole new journey to experience!!!

i m sure there are somebody who have been very curious abt y i din update my blog, rite?? haha, i m not boasting la....... actually, 2 frenz oledi asked me tat question. as a chinese proverb goes:" there must be wind that causes the waves", so sure enuf, i had my own reason. and........ guess wat?? the reason is kind of "STUPID", tat's how i put it. my sis was afraid tat blogging would bring virus to our computer!!!! wat lao a............ cant believe she is so computer illiterate!!! i think she dunno anything abt blogging.......... and it seems tat she thought blogging can attract virus..... m i too bad??? joking at my own sis...... actually, the reason she was afraid of the so-called " blogging virus" is bcoz she was doing her coursework(she is nw in her final year and final semester in TAR college-- hehe, same as cheah wei jian's college) and she dun wan anything bad to happen to the computer, as u noe, doing coursework involves great deal of research. so, tat's y she was so afraid my blogging activity would cause the computer kena virus. looking from another perspectives of thinking, my sis is very concerned abt her studies and tis can be regarded as being responsible oso.........

think and keep thinking......... u start to agree wif wat i said?? tat's rite, actually we cannot keep using one and only way to judge people. we should think and see things from a broad angle, jus like wat miss assunta had taught us b4. let's take the example chipped glass, we cant jus keep looking at the chipped side of the glass. y dun we turn the glass around and look at the complete and not-broken side of it?? in tis way, we'll forget abt the chipped part of the glass and we'll find tat the glass is still in a complete and good condition. hv u heard abt "que xian mei"(pls translate into chinese)? we cannot jus see other ppl's drawbacks all the time and shut our eyes from looking at the nice side of ppl. every one of us has our own different, unique ability and inability. tat's wat suggested by the word "multiple intelligence". again, tis was wat taught by miss assunta. looks like assunta's influence got into me oledi. anyway, tis isnt a bad thing. miss assunta is a very good teacher, in fact!! if i was to write an essay abt a teacher who has a great influence in my life, she is certainly one in the list.

wat i m trying to tell u is: dun jus look at the weak point of ppl, try to see their nice sides. even one who had been in jail b4 has his good things tat are worth our applaud and compliment. same thing goes to my sis, she might b computer-illiterate, but she is definitely good in some other areas. she can definitely speak very good english and her spoken english is better than many graduates.

so, remember tis term:multiple intelligence, start exploring ur own intelligence and develop tat potential of yours to the maximum level!!!!!

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