Saturday, 8 December 2007

I had a boring day

Having parked the proton wira in front of the shoplots, Kok Weng and I alighted from the not-so-big (jus proton wira ma) car and stepped into the Kepong Driving Institute there. The macho guy-my father also came along with us. W e pushed open the door and i saw about four girls inside waiting for the time to arrive. Kok Weng and I registered for the whole driving course. WAT LAO A....... the course will eat up RM724. That's a lot, man! Then only I realised that all the money is hard-earned by my two working parents and I should really apprecate that. Then only I realised that the highest mountain in the world, the largest ocean in the world, the greatest eva singer of the century(perhaps jay chou, kelly clarkson or......) and the furthest distance in the universe, are never comparable to my parents' love. Sure i'll give'em my highest respect and greatest love, starting right there and then!!!

After registering for the course, the boring time had arrived. Truthfully, waiting time is the most boring time!! But what interested me was the fact that there were some ppl also from SMKB. We saw Wilson Ting, the notorious basketball player in SMKB, Chan Jian Li, Woon Kun Sum and Ng Mei Thin le..... I got very surprised. Such a coincidence(so i'll call it) to see MT there. Since she'd noticed Kok Weng(KW) and I, I got and idea to hide up and not to let her see us. She stood there quite some time before she saw us, haiz...... very slow lahh, mei thin!! What followed then was our conversation- nothing interesting......

We were taken by van to the centre to"ting undang".And it quite shocked me that our centre is in Puchong-Perfect Driving Academy. Wah, another boring time- traveling time, haiz....but 1 thing was that kw and I went there wif two different vans. kw had gone wif the 1st van and I got there later..... So, the traveling time got lagi boring (-.-)

I thought that the boring time would soon get over after arriving the Puchong centre. however, I was disappointed---------AGAIN!!!!!

The one who taught us undang(undang man) was just as boring as ........... dunno how to describe le......................... The undang man is a "he". He is an Indian. But I bet taht I don't show any discrimination on him, though his skin colour is much darker than mine=.= Not long after we began the KPP(kurikulum pendidikan pemandu) course( actually, kpp is what we say UNDANG
la, but I'm sure kpp is nicer to hear, it sounds more professional), I felt bored. kw got bored evaen faster le! before the course started, he kept tellin me it would be extremely bored. He is a real pessimist, man! But he was right after all! he seems to be able to PREDICT THE FUTURE le. If u guys wanna know abt yuor future, consult him. Tell him that I introduced u there, he sure charge zero cents!!

"ting undang" time was a damn boring time. The undang man tried very hard to be funny but he failed. I pitied him. He was totally utterly completely a failure in being a joker, man!!!

Finally, the boring time had passed.

KW and I went home together wif the same van. weird thing was that: our van driver did not seem to obey all the rules and regulations as told by our undang man!! She talked thru mobile phone withuo using a hansfree while driving and ......

I really had a very boring day.

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