Thursday, 17 April 2008

Something keeps you going

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I have my record broken again.

In fact, it's not very interesting and meaningful to break such kind of records. But then, there's something that keeps me going. And that's this perseverance. Without it, you might have a blazing inferno at the beginning stage, but then the flame would grow smaller, smaller and smaller. And eventually, it goes off.

Things would be different if you have perseverance. I would draw an analogy between perseverance and feeding your car with petrol. You can impossibly keep your electric car (solar cars are out of topic) going if you do not add petrol into your car's petrol bank from time to time and consistently.

In short, show perseverance in whatever we do.

Victory belongs to the most persevering.


Bobby said...

I can type 57 words in a minute. :P I'm Bobby from student-malaysia. You can also visit my blog @

whlee said...

haha..sure, no problem....

Nice to hear from you!!!.