Sunday, 18 May 2008

Enjoy life!

Have you ever been on a roller-coaster? If you answered yes, how did you feel when the roller-coaster went up and down at a high speed? After all the yelling and nervousness, if there's any, did you enjoy yourself with this exciting outdoor activity?

It's good if you give a resounding "YES" to this question.

Yea, we enjoy ourselves going up and down the roller-coaster. We shout our hearts out, raise our hands high in the air and hope to ride on it again.

Now, here's my question, if we can enjoy going on the roller-coaster, why can't we enjoy going through the ups and downs in life? Living life is like going on a roller-coaster.

Life is difficult. We have to confront everyday challenges and problems. No matter how tough the going gets, we have to get going. It's us-no one else-who will decide and impact on our very own lives. This may be a harsh reality, but it's absolutely true.

With the world becoming more and more competent, life is now getting more difficult. Some people among us, may be under so great strain and pressure that their mind pop up with suicidal thought. This is undoubtedly true - suicidal thought flashes through people's minds as a strong overwhelming negative thought.

But then, the fact is, committing suicide is not the way out. It's just a means of escaping responsibility and an indicator that the suicide victim is a coward who has no guts to face his or her life.

In face of adversity, why not stay cool and relaxed and enjoy the process of overcoming obstacles? It is a process of turning every adversities into opportunities.

Just like when we are sailing, we may be challenged by mountainous waves. Instead of grieving over and blaming the destiny, we should by all means enjoy the process of sailing through the sea of waves. And let's not forget that a calm sea always await us after we got through the strong waves.

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We can never change the fact. But we can always change our perceptions and attitudes. If we can learn to enjoy overcoming life's stumbling blocks, we will be the eventual winner in our own life. Remember, problems will stay if left unsolved. But they will definitely pass if we work them out.

So, enjoy life!

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Ps: To those on the verge of committing suicide, think rationally. We have yet to see and enjoy many beautiful things in this world.

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suhaila said...

Good job man. That is a good article.