Friday, 18 December 2009

Always hear people say 'Happiness spreads'. But perhaps, sadness spreads even faster...

A friend 'sensed' my sadness online. Cant believe it's true.

It is a mistake I have been committing every now and then. It seems like I haven't learnt from past mistakes. Perhaps, sub-consciously, I don't reckon it as a mistake. So I haven't change. And I have yet to know I will change, or not.

I think the so-called mistake is a bit exaggerated by certain quarters. But what to do, I have to follow. I do think it's no very big deal.

It does happen to us occasionally, just don't make it a frequent happening. (just ignore this line, you probably can't get it)

I was labelled 'xxxxxx'. Called 'xxxxxx'.

And it does make my heart ache.

Anyway, I will consider again. Ponder on my so-called mistake. Perhaps, change a bit.

Still in a bewildering mode.

And that's why I blog. Coz blogging is a very good outlet to express your feelings.

Bad mood go away!

I guess it will heal very fast.

PS: Pls don't think you are the one mentioned in this blog post. Coz the people involved doesn't even know my blog. Ganbatte!!

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