Saturday, 12 December 2009

Graduating from KB for the 2nd time

This is the second time I graduated from SMK Kepong Baru.

During graduation day, I cried.

Mr Ong said before, "The constants in life change."  And our Form 6 representative during graduation day, Jonathan, quoted him. He's right. Things change. And I hope it's for the better. What Jon said touched me, I guess. But I do hope the friendship that has lasted so long remains.

I hope in future, we still talk, joke, play and get together as one like we used to do in these 2 years.

I made my last MUET presentation about Love of God and friendship. I remember saying this in the presentation: Mr Tiong (our MUET teacher) said there's no absolute truth on earth. But he is partly right. There's no absolute truth except in the saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed".

No doubt, I think friendship made in Form 6 is very great. We experienced things together. We helped each other during the climb uphill in Bukit Larut, and overcame our scare together. We believed in hopes together in times of despair and eventually we saw lights in the dark. We did overcome obstacles after obstacles together.

I ain't sure why but I do have many feelings for Form 6. I did feel reluctant having to part with a big group of friends, not only friends of 6A1, but also others including juniors, teachers and every one I know in KB.

During the day before graduation, the 6A1 students didn't have the mood to study. We chatted about weddings and wrote our email address and contact number on the board. We promised to keep in touch with each other. Please remember the promise, my friends.

We said we will give RM 500 as angpau for the first who gets married. Hopefully I won't break this promise, because being able to give an angpau of RM500 means you are rich! Or perhaps, I am the one receiving angpaus of RM500.

More importantly, we said we will invite our classmates for our wedding. Do remember this promise too!

We may not meet each other every day, like we used to. But this doesn't mean the friendship is fading away. It's not seeing friends that matters in keeping friendship alive, it's remembering friends in our heart that counts.

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Anonymous said...

ha ... i tot mr ong quote is "the constant things in this world is change "? =.= may be my ears got problem .... haha , anyway gud luck ... so gud u finished stpm , i stil need wait 11 months !!!
n oso , ur wedding u give me angpao oso leh , no nees 500 la , 200 oso cn de , ahahaha !!! frm ur junior ... who always get ur post in lps .... =.= apa ini ...

weng hoong said...

haha... zadao... i know who u r d..
ya, u r rite abt the quote.. i wrote wrongly.. huiyo..i duno u actually pay attention to mr ong's speech... lol.. wedding?? wait ba... haha.. mayb i wil receive ur wedding invitation first lor.. i m not much elder than u only lor...haha

Anonymous said...

watttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!
i very pay attention de la !!=^=
haha , tis make u the one hu dun pay atention during assembly ... =p
u r much much elder than i am la , i very young de ... how u noe i will get married first ... cehh , i dun tink got ppl wan me tim ... i edi prepare to be 单身贵族 ... T.T i dun marry , i wait to receive angpao only ....

weng hoong said...

zzz.. very young ar?? hahaha... u continue cheating urself ba.. lol
walao e.. dun wan marry tim ar?? u sure regret when u r old.. haha..
u so 'special' de leh, if u dun marry, u wan 2 receive angpau til 70 yrs old ar?? hahaha...
think carefully lor... lol..
Happy new year! n happy going back to skul! cant wait to c the new principal?? lol.. jia you ba!