Sunday, 27 September 2009

Just Do It

Never doubt the future.


the future is yours.

Dare to dream. Go for it!

Like Nike tagline >> Just do it.

Nothing is impossible. Impossible = I'm possible


Realising big big dreams in a small small world.
A dream-come-true moment.


atie said...

hye..found ur blog url on student-malaysia..anyway,wanna ask u something bout being a pre-u it hard?because i wish to make my form six and i am sitting for my spm this year.i dont know why a lot of people say that form six is hard..too hard and never can pass.i think that was too much cant be that hard wasnt it?there's nothing so easy in this world :)anyway,nice to read it..lot of stuff and basically it's about life.:)

weng hoong said...

Hi atie, nice to meet you here. If u have other better choices, then go for it. But i tink Form 6 is never difficult. It depends on how much effort you put in. Think carefully. Perhaps, you can ask some of your seniors about their opinions of Form 6. Or check out some Form 6 syllabus at the bookshop. If you think you can handle it, then go for Form 6. Believe in yourself. Good luck!