Saturday, 19 September 2009

Some thoughts about life

I just had my STPM trial exam over last week. Should I yell out loud happily? hmm... I guess not so soon. It's just a trial exam. The actual one has yet to come!

You may think life after STPM is definitely a great one, with a whole lot of bliss and joy in store. You are probably right, precisely, half-right. That kind of life doesn't last long, for you have other challenges to get through. Obstacles after obstacles never fail to invade. When one thinks that he has gone through every hurdles and curdles and conquered the peak in life, another greater-than-ever stumbling block might just crop up.

This is life.

It may be described as a continual battle till the end. Indeed.

Some people think that infancy is the only anxiety-free stage of life. We do face a lot of problems as we proceed in life. Being a student, we may encounter problems in studies, relationship and "the special kind of relationship". After we step into the working world, we may land on financial problems. And it goes on.

In short, problems do unfold in life. It's not that you cannot work out those problems. But when there are a number of difficulties at the same time, we need to consider the complications that may arise due to our action. hmm... This may sound puzzling and philosophical. You will understand it when you are in the similar situation.

At times, I wonder, are humans born to suffer? Perhaps, it's me who thinks too much.

Maybe we do have an inner element that responds to some sort of sentimental and philosophical stuff, thereby producing some kind of inner voice that makes us reflect on things in a sentimental way. Yupe, I suppose this 'inner element' is prevalent in me. haha....

However, sometimes we do add additional problems to life when we think too much about the future. Some people like to predict the implications of their action. It's good to do so, but to an extent.

Whether or not you think life is filled with sufferings, pain and problems, never think that we are enduring the pain.

Everything changes when the mindset changes. If you think you are struggling, then you would really be suffering.

Perhaps, we should see life the way optimists see. Never endure the pain, but enjoy the so-called sufferings in life.

Here's a saying of my own: Life is difficult, yet enjoyable. Never struggle through obstacles in life, smile!

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