Saturday, 19 September 2009

Updates about me

Finally, I update my blog... lol

Now that trial is done, STPM is coming in two months' time.

I can devote all my attention on studies now, since I have retired both officially and unofficially from my positions in different societies and clubs.

A few words to juniors: Be a responsible person. Learn from past mistakes and be confident. Ganbatte!

Our school celebrated "Bulan Kemerdekaan" on Thursday.

Now, the word "One Malaysia" is often heard. Advertisement about it has been seen very often. It is also the theme of the celebration in our school. A drama is performed by the Form 4 students, reminding us to stay united.

Well, I think what matters more is the actions taken. Unity is not achieved by words, but by actions. There is always truth behind the saying "Action speaks louder than words".

PS: Forget to mention, I am on holiday now.
Jia you!!

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LiLiN said...

hey there.

i dropped by here from the STPM forum. :)

i'm also a STPM candidate this year.
was just checking and looking around for last minute tips.

neways, wish u all the best of luck in ur stpm. :)