Saturday, 12 December 2009

A whole new chapter

STPM is finally over. And I have been going online these few days. Right on the day STPM becomes a past, I signed up for Facebook. Guess what, within two days or so, I already have more than 160 friends. hahaha... fast and efficient ma...

The day we finished our exam, we went for karaoke session at Low Yat. Wow, I think it's the first time I could really hear my voice in the midst of voices. Previously, my singing was usually covered by the 'more dominant' high-pitched voice. I think some of you know who I mean. lol. Well, I guess we made the right choice singing in another room.

I came across a very nice song during the karaoke session. In fact I think I have listened to it without knowing the title. It's "Truly, Madly, Deeply". A very sentimental, romantic song which can even be played in wedding dinner. I think Sin Yee loves this song very much. She purposely 'jumped' the song to the first in the song list so that she could sing it before going back. Can't believe she loves to sing that song so much. Thought she's only in love with Ethan. haha....

Before exam's over, I watched a Taiwanese drama (仙剑奇侠传). During the last episode, I somehow had got mixed feelings. I was thinking that every story has an ending. And life is actually a combination of different stories at different stages. Now that STPM is done, life in Form 6 becomes a history in my life.

A whole new chapter of life has now unfolded.

And I will strive my best, be a better person and accomplish my dreams in this new chapter!

Old dramas can be broadcast again upon popular demand. But stories in life doesn't probably happen again. It's highly unlikely that the class of 6A1 can be together studying Form 6 again in SMKB.However, all the moments in life can be savoured over and over again. It just depends on you.

It's the stories in SMKB that has ended, but absolutely not our friendship. 

PS: Please see the next post. It's a continuation.

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Anonymous said...

i oso watched that taiwanese movie , long be4 tv8 ... haha , haiz , its juz too sad at the end ... yii , tis is life wat , no pain no gain ... haha , i noe u fast n efficient in facebook , juz becuz got many ppl on9 during holidayz ma , haha , u sign up during exam time c c , if u get 160 then really fast n efficient , hohoho ~!